Hannabach Custom Made 728HT Classical Guitar Strings

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Hannabach Custom Made 728HT Classical Guitar Strings

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Hannabach Custom Made 728HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set (Hard Tension)

Strings generously provided by Strings By Mail, www.StringsByMail.com

https://www.stringsbymail.com/index.php ... u53e9fl7e2

Matt from, Strings By Mail, suggested the Hannabach strings for the classical guitar that I’ve just restored. I’ve never really explored classical guitar strings, so I took his suggestion. I’m very glad that I did. I ordered the Hannabach high tension strings.

The strings arrived packed in an envelope; each string was labeled for the corresponding open tuning note. Although they were just wrapped in paper, there was no sign of corrosion on the wound bass strings.
I had no problem stringing the guitar. There was no finger funk from the wound strings. The strings came into tune quite quickly. Since these are nylon strings, expect to have to tweak the tuning every time the instrument is played. Interestingly, the Hannabach’s stayed in tune much longer than any nylon strings that I’ve played, as long as three days. The sound was almost indescribable.

They sounded fantastic right out of the box; they only got better. They rang like a bell, creating a sustain that lasted forever. The voice was almost piano-like. They projected like no other nylon strings that I’ve ever played. I replaced the guitar top, fretboard, and bridge, then I refinished everything else. The guitar was only a week old when I strung the Hannabach’s; the top was just starting to open. I attribute most of the wonderful voice to the Hannabach strings.
I’ve provided a sound sample. I only played a couple of chords to demonstrate the sound of the strings. You should be able to hear the quality of the strings.

If at all possible, I suggest that you listen to the sample with earbuds or earphones. The sustain was so long, that I had to cut into it as I played. I can’t imagine any strings sounding better than the Hannabachs. There was no discernable finger noise as I played up and down the neck.

Priced at $16.99, the strings are in the medium price range. Since nylon strings last a lot longer than steel strings, I consider them a bargain. I don’t know how many hours I would be able to play the strings, but I’m sure that they provide great longevity. I’ve read that the strings last 100+ hours.

The good:

Easy to string
Settle into tuning quickly
Stay in tune
No finger noise
No finger funk
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Re: Hannabach Custom Made 728HT Classical Guitar Strings

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I gotta get me some
I have 3 old Martins that use nylon and will try them on them
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