#19 is finished

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Kevin Sjostrand
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#19 is finished

Post by Kevin Sjostrand »

I wrapped up this guitar today. Fit the bridge pins, made and fit the saddle and nut with bleached cattle bone. Put in the ebony end pin.
Placed the pickguard. Installed the Taylor tuning machines. And strung her up with Earthwood Lights.

This is the first time I got the action nearly perfect on the first try so that amazed me. It plays nicely and sounds full and warm. This is for me.

The finish looks good but has some issues; a few of those tiny Shiney spots....places that needed a bit more wet sanding to remove.
Also, when I first buffed using the RA sander I put some swirls in the top that I didn't see even after first buffing on the machine. I looked closely for imperfections and missed them. I just decided to let these things go since I'll be playing it, not giving it away.

Also while string it up, I had the 3rd string bridge pin pop out(never had Thad happen before). The string ball was not seated properly and at high tension it popped out, fly up and back down hitting the top and putting 2 small dents in the finish below the bridge. Arg! Again. I'm not fretting about it. Ha I'm showing that I've matured about being so finicky in my old age.

Anyway I'm happy with the guitar overall. I think it will open up some over time but it is very nice for finger picking.

Here's the stats:

Claro Walnut Back and Sides
Redwood top
Curly maple binding with plastic BWBW purfling.
Abalone rosette
Curly Koa end graft. Ebony heel plate
Spanish cedar scarf joint and stacked heel neck
Ebony headplate, fretboard and bridge. Abalone dot fret markers.
Gold frets, gold Taylor tuners.

Thanks for the encouragement to all during this build.
Now I'll concentrate on finishing the Archtop guitar.
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Re: #19 is finished


Nice work, as usual! I certainly would keep that little honey for myself. You should be proud. Thanks for sharing!
Kevin Doty
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Re: #19 is finished

Post by phavriluk »

A treat to see!
peter havriluk
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Re: #19 is finished

Post by scamp »

Very nice!!
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Re: #19 is finished

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Beautiful build!
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