First violin is finished!

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Kevin Sjostrand
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First violin is finished!

Post by Kevin Sjostrand »

I assembled this violin today after rubbing out the finish, gluing the finger board back on, scraping and sanding on the neck/finger board join and doing a shellac finish on the neck shaft. This is one traditional way to finish the necks on violins. Players I'm told don't like the varnish there. They want a silky smooth non sticky neck. Looks unfinished to me but that's how it's supposed to be.

I didn't have enough room in the peg box for the string to wind around the A peg so I had to get in there with a small chisel and remove finish and wood behind the peg In the back under the scroll. The peg totally hides this area so it does not show.

I'm pleased with the turnout. It is resonant, loud and clean sounding. I don't play but I can bow the strings. I'm looking for someone to play it and a friend has hooked me up with a professional violinist so when that happens I'll get some REAL FEEDBACK! Uu huh!!

Number two is in progress and I have wood for 4 more so I guess I'm not done yet.
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Re: First violin is finished!

Post by MaineGeezer »

Gorgeous! Be sure to let us know what the "pro" thinks of it.
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Re: First violin is finished!


Great job, Kevin! That must be a lot of fun carving all the interesting shapes inherent with a violin. What a wonderful project and nice change of pace!
Kevin Doty
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Re: First violin is finished!

Post by jread »

amazing! I can't imagine doing that. One step at a time i guess!
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Re: First violin is finished!

Post by koolimy »

That is quite stunning!
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