1967 Martin D28 Neck Reset, Bridge Reglue, Plate Cap

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1967 Martin D28 Neck Reset, Bridge Reglue, Plate Cap

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I'm back in the shop, at least Part time while my left shoulder heals from rotator cuff surgery. I had 3 neck resets waiting in the shop.

This guitar was handed down from father to son. Dad bought it new in '67. The bridge had been glued by a local music store, but started to come loose again 2 days later.

I don't just fix the obvious. I've learned you need to find out why things happen. In this case, the bridge loosening was because the strings had enlarged the bridge plate holes to the extent that the grommets were through the plate.

I removed the bridge, which popped right off, made a template of the bridge plate. I cut a piece of 1/16" ebony into a plate cap, gluing it into place with hhg. I glued the bridge, after cleaning it, using hhg. While it was in the shop, I inspected everything else. It needed a neck reset, so I reset the neck. For bigger jobs like this, I throw in replacement bone bridge pins. I replaced the nut and saddle with bone.

My customer was very happy to get his dad's guitar playing again. He plays with a local band.
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Re: 1967 Martin D28 Neck Reset, Bridge Reglue, Plate Cap


Glad you feel good enough to get back to work someday . That’s a pretty complicated repair to return to. Thanks for the informative post, I always find them interesting. Nice to have you back at it!
Kevin Doty
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