1950 Harmony Mandolin repair help

Kevin Sjostrand
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Re: 1950 Harmony Mandolin repair help

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I was able to clamp and glue the back down with about 95% success. The joint where it is reglued is quite flush all the way around as trying to keep one area flush caused another area to not be flush by as much as 1/8" so I compromised, pulling, pushing, clamping and glueing and it turned out good enough
Cleaned it up, and new strings and it is playable again.
Friend is happy.
Thanks guys.

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Re: 1950 Harmony Mandolin repair help

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This is encouraging.

A few years ago I was given a Kay mandolin that is in more worse shape -- and therefore has languished in the queue, but this gives me ideas on how to approach the different aspects of the project.
- Randall Newcomb
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