Repairing a high humidity affected guitar

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Re: Repairing a high humidity affected guitar

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Wow, nice job quite a bit of work! A question about your bolt on neck, I have mostly used threaded inserts, but did one with the same style of barrel nuts as yours, I wasn't that comfortable with the amount of wood remaining in front of them, it seemed like over-tightening the neck bolts could potentially crack or break the small amount of wood between the front of the tenon and the front of the nuts (looks like you've got about 1/8" there?). Just curious about your thoughts on this, if you have the same concern? Tnx.
Kevin Sjostrand
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Re: Repairing a high humidity affected guitar

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Actually on this one when I took the neck off the wood in front of both barrel nut was cracked, but I didn't do it. I had this neck off the guitar when it was a year old, in India and there was no cracking then. Someone must have retightened the bolts and then removed the neck because super glue hand been wicked into the cracks.
Anyway you have a point but those bolts should not need to be tightened so much as to break the wood here. I use Bellevue washers and once those are pulled flat no more tightening should be necessary. I switched to the barrel nuts with this guitar, built 4 more since no issues far as I know.
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Re: Repairing a high humidity affected guitar

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Cool post. Thanks for sharing. It's great to hear that it's being played a lot and that they brought it all the way back for repairs.
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