Greetings from Iowa

New Members, tell us a bit about yourselves
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Greetings from Iowa

Post by steverjman »

Hello everyone!

I'm looking forward to being part of this community. I really enjoy seeing what others are doing.

I am a "hobby" luthier who mainly builds for family and friends.

Up until recently my previous guitars have been dreadnoughts but I'm currently working on two OM's.

Everyone I have made a guitar for knows it can take a while for me to complete the build but they can't really argue with the cost :lol:
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Re: Greetings from Iowa

Post by jread »

welcome! Thanks for joining and don't be shy about posting pics of your progress and questions.
Diane Kauffmds
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Re: Greetings from Iowa

Post by Diane Kauffmds »

Welcome! Relax, have fun. You'll find us very friendly and ready to answer any question. The only "dumb" question, is the one unasked.

Hey, I make them for a living, and it takes me a long time to complete one too. Quality over quantity! I'm sure your friends and family love the guitars that you make.

Where abouts in Iowa? Waaaay back, 40+ years ago, when I was active duty in the Air Force, I visited Iowa a few times. My ex was from Jesup, IA. I just made a trip across the great state of Iowa about 2 years ago, to go to O'NEIL, Nebraska, from my home in West Virginia. I crossed the State on US 20, so I got to see a lot of your state.
Diane Kauffmann
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Re: Greetings from Iowa

Post by bftobin »

Welcome. Try to remember that there are no stupid questions. Just stupid mistakes because you didn't ask. You'll find people at many different stages of building. A lot of new people and some of us have been around a while, like fifty years.

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Re: Greetings from Iowa


Greetings and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you’ve made some sawdust. Good to have another mid-westerner on board!
Kevin Doty
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Re: Greetings from Iowa

Post by BlindBo »

Welcome! Like you, I am a casual builder, not for sale, and primarily gifts for family and friends. This is such a great hobby and the folks here are a great source of information.
Take care and enjoy the journey!
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