First kit- 000-28

Take us through building your guitar step by step. Post pictures and tell us what you're doing.
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Re: First kit- 000-28

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That's a real beauty!
Kevin Sjostrand
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Re: First kit- 000-28

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Really turned out fine!!! You did good. I'm glad the TruOil
worked out for you.

Next build a classical???
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Re: First kit- 000-28

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Very Nice. Thank you for sharing!
Res Firma Mitescere Nescit
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Re: First kit- 000-28

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A few thoughts on finishing now that I've had some time to reflect:
  • Tru oil is very easy to work with and layers nicely
  • The hardest part to get "right" was the back, as it always showed streaks from the tru oil application. I realized today that it is because I put on 2 coats of sanding sealer (Aquacoat) on the back, but only skimmed the sides with a little sealer. The sides look much more natural to me, with the grain still looking and feeling "real" and little holes here and there that add to the texture, while the back is slick as glass. Seeing both, I prefer the unsealed texture to the glass texture, and will not use a grain sealer on the next project.
  • I did not thin the tru oil, but I will think it with mineral spirits next time and see if that reduces streaking
Diane Kauffmds
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Re: First kit- 000-28

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Really nice job.
Diane Kauffmann
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