Tenor uke pair

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Tenor uke pair

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I started a pair of tenor ukuleles recently, working on them when I had gaps between guitar projects. I keep my eyes open for interesting wood, and see what goes together. I was in Haida Gwaii last summer and bought a chance billet of Sitka Spruce for guitars, not outstanding wood, but interesting, and very reasonably priced. The fellow also gave me a smaller billet I could get ukulele tops out of. I cut seven top sets from this piece, and these are two of them. Interesting to see what they sound like, so close to each other in the same piece of wood. One has back and sides of Narra which came up at a local supplier, with a bright ringy tone, and the other is Black Walnut. The Narra uke has a rosewood rosette ring and will have rosewood binding and headplate, The other will be Black Walnut, maybe maple binding. The rosette ring is just a piece of delicately figured Bigleaf Maple from my firewood pile. Necks will be mahogany and walnut respectively, and I was given a piece of what I think is Ovangkol which may work for fretboards. Bruce W.
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Re: Tenor uke pair

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Really cool projects. i've been wanting to get a uke going w/ some of the extra guitar sides I have laying around. Or a flat top mandolin.
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