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Stray Feathers
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I'm not sure if this is related to issues with the forum software, or if it's on my end, but today when I sent posts to the forum, my screen went white. A gobbledygook URL was visible in its window. But if I opened the forum in a new window, the posts were there. The same thing may have happened with a Paypal payment so it may be on my end - I'll monitor it. Bruce W.
Diane Kauffmds
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Hey guys, when you post and you get the 500 error, or the error that says the forum can't handle the post, refresh the page.

I've been refreshing and my posts appear.
Diane Kauffmann
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Ok the problem is not going away with the error after posting. In my tests 100% of the posts show up but it's annoying to see the error then have to navigate back to the topic to see your post.

I will have to plan to move our server to a new hosting provider soon. The existing server is owned by our previous admin on his business account so I don't have access to all the necessary parts to do an upgrade. One day soon, I'll announce a downtime and get this moved, upgraded, and will fix the pesky issue.

Thanks for your patience and continued posts through this trouble. KGF is a treasure and I appreciate everyone who visits here and contributes to this great community.

John Read
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