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MaineGeezer showed us a dogwood bridge on his Port Orford Cedar guitar build, and it prompted me to wander off in that direction. I assume his dogwood is the eastern species, Cornus florida. I live in BC where we have Pacific Dogwood, C. nuttallii; it's the floral emblem of this province.

Dogwood is known for its toughness, apparently used in the past for bobbins in fabric mills. A luthier friend, Steve Heizer, has made at least one guitar out of it. It appears to be a three- or four-piece back.

Bruce W.
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I don't know which species of dogwood I used. I'd guess that the bridge is easrtern dogwood. I got the piece I used for the fingerboard on my 1st guitar from a guy on Vandcouver Island though, so that is almost certainlt westerrn.
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