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Thanks for the update, Diane. I'm glad to hear that you advocated for your husband and that he's well on his way to getting back to being functional. I know how hard you have to push sometimes, but clearly it's having a positive effect on his recovery. Way to go!
~ Neil
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Diane has been so generous in her writings and in her offerings as moderator. I must add my blessings and prayers on behalf of her and her family in this time of recovery.

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glued wrote: Thu Mar 16, 2023 11:39 pm Diane has been so generous in her writings and in her offerings as moderator. I must add my blessings and prayers on behalf of her and her family in this time of recovery.

Bill Riley
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Thank you Bill. He was left with a little weakness in his left arm and left leg, but he gets around with a cane.

But, just to get my attention and sympathy, he managed to break his left hip on March 2. I can try and joke now, but I'm still trying to deal with what happened.

We had to go to Cincinnati to complete the sale of the house we owned. We've not lived in Cincinnati since the end of 2009, after moving to WV. We got to the motel in the early evening on March 2. Frank never made it into the motel room. He fell, hitting his left hip on the edge of the step up to the sidewalk, also hitting his head against the building. 2 men got him up and into the motel room. We had no idea he'd hurt himself so badly.

He never lost consciousness, but I realized he didn't know where he was nor why we were there. I called 911, against his will.

He had a complete break in the femoral neck in his left hip, a concussion, and a tiny subdural hematoma.

They did a partial hip replacement the next day. He's never recovered the memory of the fall or how he got into the motel room, but everything else came back. Original the surgeon thought that Frank would need to come home via ambulance, then into a rehab facility (over my dead body), but he shocked them all.

He was up walking late Friday, after his surgery, and was doing so well that they released him to drive home with me with no restrictions on the hip. He's full weight bearing and use. He's using the walker with an overabundance of precaution, because of his left drop foot. I don't want him to fall. He'll be back on the cane soon. He wants to use it now, but it scares the hell out of me.
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best wishes to your husband
Diane does a bang up job for us here at KGF
Her and John Read do it all
thanks for being on the team
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Diane, I am so happy to hear your husband is doing better! My mother had a similar injury, with a partial hip replacement and recovered very nicely. You were smart to avoid those rehab centers, more work for you but much safer for your husband. Take care.
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Hey Diane. I was completely unaware of what you and your husband have been going through. I am so sorry for y’all, but, very glad to hear things are improving. My wife has had to become my “seeing eye wife” which puts a serious load on her and I have to constantly remind myself that everything I need her help with just adds another task to her already full list of things to accomplish everyday. She has been wonderful and I couldn’t do most of what I do now without her.
It sounds as if you have a similar dedication to your husband. We will keep y’all in our thoughts and prayers.
Take care,
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Hi Diane,

Just catching up on all this, that's a scary episode. Very glad to hear that he's doing so much better and recovering quickly!

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So much to go through! Glad things are better. Best to you both.
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Hope your husband makes a full recovery! And best wishes for you both.
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