John Read new admin

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John Read new admin

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I want to thank 2 people
#1 Sean Large
he was and will always be a big part of KGF without his help who knows where this would have been. He is stepping down and I want to thank him personally. He carried us for years and helped us every time we asked. He kept KGF running and did all the IT and tech work . I am proud to call him friend. Sean you are very much a large part of this forum and thank you for all you did.
#2 John Read
Our own member is taking the reigns and stepping in as the new IT and Admin. He will be our new go to guy. I am sure he will be a great team member in taking over Sean Large's responsibilities. Thank you for stepping in to help John Read

#3 to all members , this forum is and always was here to help spread enthusiasm in building and to share information and some made some new friends.
Things change and evolve and I know this will be a seamless process as we roll into the new era and watch KGF grow and continue to share.
Dianne has been a big help as have many past members. So remember this is our forum , share experience and ask question.
Again thanks to these people and may we all learn from each other.
I also want to thank all members as in these crazy days we are always polite and kind to each other. As admin since I been involved there were very few times I had to step in . Share , stay well , and learn
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Re: John Read new admin

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I’m honored and proud to administer this site. I’ve learned everything I know about building guitars from the good people here and seem to learn something new on every thread.

I’ve spent my career in IT and currently design and build cloud based systems for S&P Global Ratings.

If there is anything I can do, just send me a DM or email.
If there are changes you would like to see, we will consider suggestions.

This is your site. Keep the great conversations going!

John Read
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Re: John Read new admin

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Glad to have you "at the reins" and hope the horse won't buck too much!
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Re: John Read new admin

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Glad to have you as Admin John. You are a good choice.
Diane Kauffmann
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Re: John Read new admin

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Thanks for keeping it all going, guys.

Great resource.
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Re: John Read new admin

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Great John, and John.
(Which one is Little John?)
Thanks for climbing on the horse!
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