A Chance to Show Them Off

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A Chance to Show Them Off

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I signed up as a participant in the annual Spring Art Tour organized by the local arts council in my town, which ran April 14 through 16. I cleaned my shop (yes, really) and set up finished instruments and works in progress, tonewoods to tap, and so on. Weather was not great but there was a steady trickle of visitors, most just curious because this was not a typical "art" stop. This was the first time I put prices on things; nothing sold, but more people know I am out there. And I also was happy to fly the lutherie flag, to let people know there are hand-builders nearby. Builders out there might consider joining such a group to take advantage of these opportunities - at least until the commissions come in quickly enough to keep you busy full time! Bruce W.
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Re: A Chance to Show Them Off

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My wife and I are part of our local equivalent arts group. My participation has been more as a musician providing music for their events, but I have exhibited a guitar for one of their shows. My wife exhibits her mosaics and also teaches classes on a regular basis. We did participate in a virtual photographic show of our studios/shops during covid.

I just applied for a fellowship grant that was being offered locally to support traditional arts/crafts/etc. They specifically mentioned luthiers so what the heck, I applied. Worst they can do is say yes. If selected, I'll do a project that includes a local and a regional show. Wish me luck.
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