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My #2, a KMG 0M EIR/Engelmann Spruce
Close to fInishing my first build
Go Bar Deck for Free!!
Start of an LMI Classical Guitar Kit Build
My First KMG Deep Body OM DONE!
Do I have enough time?
Forum Bugs - Questions
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Number 3
My #3 Dred is finally done!
My #2, a "00-17"
Plate joining
Cumpiano Book
Replys are not working
Martin Rosewood Dreadnought guitar kit and mold for sale.
Two questions for my first build...
Hi all
Crack in my guitar's side
Build #1 so far
New Luthier Tips du Jour - Nuts and saddles
Elephant tusk
Bubinga and gluing..
Trim Router for Lutherie.......
Free Kent Everett DVD
First kit, patiently waiting for the big brown truck ...
Nitro Lacquer
#2 all done
Finish before neck attachment?
Jade is in the house
My number 2, KMG 00-14 Redwood/EIR
J-200 kit completed
Finished number one - Stew-Mac Drednought
They sent different gun
Best Finish for First Timer
Bill's China El Cheapo kit
Ken Casper Spotlighted in Target Ad
Beard reso guitar kit..first impressions
#1 Finished
#2 Work in progress
My first scratch build, #3, w/PICS and sound clips
Number two neglected
Fret Slot Cleaning Tool
Dennis W guitar #1 - Martin 000-18 ket
#7... Lady Firefly.
Turn your dremel tool into a router!
Scratch-Built Padauk OM
New build, big mistake
How do you drop-fill tru-oil?
Signing the Soundboard
Progress on my third
Buffed thru the finish
Two bolts are better than one, right?
Inlay Technique with Larry Robinson, Review
Making Master Guitars
Help with router purchase
1st Kit from Stewmac
00 12-Fret
Sanding Plastic..
OOPs while drilling a bit snap off in the headtock
Need help with mold purchase.
Your sanding schedule
Claro Walnut J-185
Going to Start Building Today
Neck angle over bridge, range
Eureka! (Go bar content)
Making progress on #3
Accoustic/ Classical Guitar Necks
All Koa - decisions, decisions.
My stewmac dread is done
Stewmac Rubber Binding Bands
Sneak Peek -- KMG Nylon String OM Cutaway
SE Asian Flyfishin' Guitar
Inlay video links are up.
Wood purchase
mp3 of Woody's slope Dreadnaught
Stew Mac Kit - Back and Sides don't match.
Baritone guitar 28" Spruce / Cocobolo
KMG Curly Cherry/Rosewood OM --- kicked up a notch
Finishing in general
Pictures of my stewmacs
Does anyone skip binding?
#1 - Rosewood/Sitka OM
Cleaning brushes
Get together-In Morgan Hill Ca. near San Jose- Monterey
Wood choices for guitars
First Build - J200
"Inlace" Material
Fretboard to neck
Almost Complete...
quick tip videos
A new Seat anyone?
Fret Tang remover?
Best Wishes to John on His Surgery This Wednesday
Ready to start #1
J-185 Progress
1st kit slope dreadnaught
Visit to a Luthier
Here's what I have been working on lately:
Sound clip Stewart-MacDonald Dreadnought
First guitar for NAMM show
How Do You Make a Caul??
Rubber tipped hammer vice Plastic
Source for sanding discs
Tips on geting starting in the Guitar making?
Neck Questions......
BIG problem!! Help required!!
Rebuilding My Badly Damaged 000
Happy new year!
Perfect bracing ends every time
Target EMTECH 6000 water based finish
Z-poxy pore filling videos and some questions
Question about attaching top and back
Do Not Use Epoxy. Health Issue.
Questions about working cleanly
Arkansas SM-D Kit Progress
First Build/ Martin 000
Starting my 1st Kit
First guitar project - X bracing question
Neck block & Tail block a little short
where you all from
Got my surgury date
Help in Identifying parts in StewMac Dread kit
Humidity question
WELCOME! New Member Info
Questions about StewMac Dread kit