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How much does your guitar(s) weigh?
My #2, a KMG 0M EIR/Engelmann Spruce
Do I have enough time?
all koa update
Need advice on positioning fretboard inlay pieces
All Koa double build
Close to fInishing my first build
Oval sound port
My #3 Dred is finally done!
Old Growth (400 - 500 yr old) Western Red Cedar
What Programs Labels do you use for your Label?
Tony-in-NYC Proud 2nd Time Father
Go Bar Deck for Free!!
My #2, a "00-17"
Binding Mistake: How Would You Correct It?
Replys are not working
#1 build issues
Ebony nuts and saddles!
Tail Graft Routing Jig
#2 all done
I'm an idiot (Minwax stain content)
Semi-original idea
Jade is in the house
My number 2, KMG 00-14 Redwood/EIR
Glue Spreaders
Koa tricone - not quite a kit
Bill's China El Cheapo kit
A new kmg kit has arrived! It's purty...
#2 Work in progress
#1 Finished
Number two neglected
My first scratch build, #3, w/PICS and sound clips
Flitz for fret polishing?
Getting Started
Making progress on #3
New build, big mistake
#7... Lady Firefly.
Dennis W guitar #1 - Martin 000-18 ket
Pore o pack ? Mcfaddens ?
French polish - April StewMac trade secrets
Handling and protecting the guitar during Tru Oil finishing process??
Eliminating wolf tones?
How Many Go Bars?
It's a Miracle......The Box Is Closed!
Humidity control is the "process" - controlling MC is the "goal"
rosette for #2
1st Kit from Stewmac
Cheap Practice Wood
Two bolts are better than one, right?
SOT - What you can build for a hundred bucks
Bridge Glue failure
How many kits have been made by members of the forum?
Upper tone bar fitted wrong!
Sanding Plastic..
Fret Tang remover?
Cheap Homemade Tools
Humidity is rising
A couple of sound clips of my first build
Spalted wood problem
Claro Walnut J-185
purfling question
Koa 00 12 Fret
Accoustic/ Classical Guitar Necks
Shooting board technique help please
Going to Start Building Today
All Koa - decisions, decisions.
KMG Curly Cherry/Rosewood OM --- kicked up a notch
2nd Build - Concert Jumbo
SE Asian Flyfishin' Guitar
Sneak Peek -- KMG Nylon String OM Cutaway
mp3 of Woody's slope Dreadnaught
Finishing in general
Pictures of my stewmacs
How long for braces to acclimate?
brace slippage - what would YOU do?
Best no-fail side bender?
I finished #1, starting #2
Satin finish over pearl inlay?
Wayne Henderson in New Jersey
Deep Body 000 Kit
I need help here!
Question about a back strip
#1 - Rosewood/Sitka OM
Build three almost ready for finish, w/PICS
Visit to a Luthier
re-crowning file
00 12-Fret
1st kit slope dreadnaught
Another KMG Success Kit
Rubber tipped hammer vice Plastic
Tips on geting starting in the Guitar making?
Question about setup
Differences in 12 strings? And a kerfing question.
StewMac 000 Kit Top & Back Radius???
J-185 Progress
Dimensions of a Standard Martin Headstock
recycling wood
Bracing Back and Sound board..Technique Question.
Warped top and back!
First Build/ Martin 000
Cam Clamps
Radius disc
Perfect bracing ends every time
Is there merit to this idea?
My KMG dread is finished...
Starting my 1st Kit
Questions about working cleanly
Out of comission for a while.
will kerf lining follow the side contour?
Madagascar RW OM
KMG 00014/OM Rosewood 35 style
Multiscale guitars?
A small oops. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
I have questions for you master builders...please help!
A Few Calendars Left ...
Bending wooden bindings
Rebuilding My Badly Damaged 000
First Build - J200
My First Guitar LMI OM guitar
My second is under way (link to blog)
Help finding a pickguard for a new build
Do you know a technique for installing a sound hole lining?
Guitar Label
Building a guitar that will live in very high humidty!
Closing the box checklist
Calendar Question for All
Is it just me, or have you all felt this way?
My First Build
Rubber band question
where you all from
First OM done
First build is finished, (PICS)
Question: How Large To Make Offset Soundhole?
Hoorah! My second Drednaught is finished!
I am an Idiot....but please help me out anyway.
Sound Port reinforcement veneer question
Kerfing options
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My kit build so far...
Bill's Printable Journal
Baritone guitar 28" Spruce / Cocobolo
Photo Journal of # 1
KMG OM --- 35 Style
My First Guitar, thanks to you!
Sources for glass or carbon rods (for gobar decks or neck stiffeners)
CA filler and sealer
What a difference some strings make
06 is done!
1st Build - all mahogany deep-body 000
Some Questions
Managing workspace humidity issues
How does it sound?
The New low end Martins
Side Ports
Building a kit in garage?
Routers, Routers everywhere, but which one should I pick?
Fretting my Fret Inlay...or lack thereof