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Handling and protecting the guitar during Tru Oil finishing process??
French polish - April StewMac trade secrets
Look for site II can buy Acoustic building kits for under 150.00
Humidity control is the "process" - controlling MC is the "goal"
James Olson back brace gluing fixture
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Koa 00 12 Fret
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And a Happy New Year !
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D Body length/size/dementions Martin kit vs Stew-Mac vs KMG
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Got my surgury date
Madagascar RW OM
do stewmac scrapers need sharpened?
Plans for a Martin 00 - 12 Fret Model
An Excellent Film online about P-51 Mustangs & Aces
Home back on US soil!
Questions about StewMac Dread kit
Out of comission for a while.
Anyone Live In Or Near Tupelo, MS, or know a Luthier or Builder There?
My second
My Happy Thanksgiving and Abe Lincoln's
Happy Birthday, Bill!
Z-Poxy pore filling
Rod & Gabby Video
Number One all finished!
Guitar build #2 Progress
My second is under way (link to blog)
Rebuilding My Badly Damaged 000
0-00-000 different shapes
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Bridge Pin Science
What's the thinnest neck you've done on a kit guitar?
Guitar Label
First one done! What a ride!
Calendar Question for All
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Colorado Luthiers Guitar Festival This weeked (10/3 and 10/4)
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Behlen Jet Spray Clear Lacquer - Satin
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Not a Kit, but thought I'd share...Maple SJ
Homemade electric side bending iron.
Clapton's Guitar...
Very interesting chord site
What about necks?
Tennessee Flat top Box.
I finished it, the first!
Grizzly Kit
What brush for Target EMTECH 6000?
My first (more)
where you all from
Finally Put The Soundport in my Jumbo