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How many kits have been made by members of the forum?
#1 Finished
#5 Koa OM
OOOOh nooo!!
Not a Kit, but thought I'd share...Maple SJ
#3 finished
cupped mango back
The Beginnings of build #3.
#4 All mahogany OM
#2 finished
number 2 & 3
Laquer blushing
1st Build - all mahogany deep-body 000
1st pore fill with Zpoxy
boxes closed
ready to close the box
I finished it, the first!
My first
First rosettes installed
Top thickness question?
1st one done
Homemade electric side bending iron.
Red Spruce/mahogany dread- First Build
Yet another binding router jig
Buy Tonewood off Ebay?
Dark heel on neck after staining
Waist sanding
Another mistake... here we go again :T
Freaking out over bridge placement!
where you all from
J-45 is under way
My Woodcraft/US guitar kit
Metcalf MANGO suprise----OM guitar
So far
Staining mahogany?
Curly mango?
Scale Lengths
Don't want no crack!!
Soundboard brace radius?
Inlay dots: brad point bit essential?