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Binding Glue
Jade is in the house
J-200 kit completed
Finished number one - Stew-Mac Drednought
marylhurst handmade music instrument exhibit
Bill's China El Cheapo kit
How many kits have been made by members of the forum?
Will pay big $ for instruction. Well maybe not big. :-)
1st Kit from Stewmac
00 12-Fret
My stewmac dread is done
SE Asian Flyfishin' Guitar
2nd Build - Concert Jumbo
Baritone guitar 28" Spruce / Cocobolo
Pictures of my stewmacs
Sound clip Stewart-MacDonald Dreadnought
Some recent guitars
Pics of my size 5
Madagascar RW OM
First Build - J200
1st kit slope dreadnaught
Hoorah! My second Drednaught is finished!
Build three almost ready for finish, w/PICS
Whew, one in the bag
Happy new year!
Guitar Kit Questions
I know you guys love pictures
Closest thing to Brazilian Rosewood
Cutting a block of wood to make a 4 piece back
Kit build "one"
Zip Flex Inlay Strips
A little bit of tone tapping - seattle area
I can't believe I did this...
Nocturnal Guitars has been updated!
Yet another question about using the router
Hello from, another new guy
Cochran Tools Dremel/Router bases
Light Bulb side bender
Rosette install- completed
Officially started Guitar #2
Am preparing to glue sides to end blocks ... but first, need help with issues!
Un-glueing Tidebond
new guy
For all of you wood lovers to drool over.....
Classes in the Seattle area
Inlaying a rosette using precut abalone pieces
Just had to share a picture of my new x-brace
New found confidence
Buy Tonewood off Ebay?
Learning to take my time
Places to buy wood
Use lmii material with stewmac material kit ?
Show us your shop.
The "Perfect" Mold
How do you folks carve braces?
X brace intersection with pre-scalloped braces
Removing per head veneer??
New member
Finally Bought a Kit.......
Rough cut mold
Anyone used these nut files?
Circle Cutters for Dremel
Do-it-yourself rosette guys...
Surface contact on the neck joint
Removing kerfing, removing glue, repairing
Rim braces
kerrfed lining notches
Cross brace joint patch
Mistakes from a beginner's perspective
Repairing my first build
Eating humble pie
Filling in a void on the spruce top :-(
First Steel string project is a kit... sort of.
where you all from
Peghead veneer + inlay
Stew Mac binding instructions
Big Baby bracing
Duco, weld-on, etc.
Channels routed...whew!
First Completely Scratch Build
Guitar Shipping From LMI
Cutting the overhangs
Video: Fast Build at Colfax Guitars
Kit vs. Scratch
First Build Commission
Greetings from the arid . . .
What did it cost you to build YOUR guitar?
First kit has arrived
notching sides for the x-braces
Bridge caul
Squaring the neck and tail blocks
Sources for glass or carbon rods (for gobar decks or neck stiffeners)
StewMac Dread Tail Block
Razor Saw and Scraper
Rosette Installation
Rosette woods
Fun from the beginning
Waist Clamp on a StewMac Dread