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Do I have enough time?
Finishing the top of an ebony fretboard on a classical guitar.
Need advice on positioning fretboard inlay pieces
all koa update
Bill's China El Cheapo kit
Sanding down the kerfed linings.
How much does your guitar(s) weigh?
My #3 Dred is finally done!
Old Growth (400 - 500 yr old) Western Red Cedar
My number 2, KMG 00-14 Redwood/EIR
My #2, a "00-17"
Go Bar Deck for Free!!
Has anyone else had this happen??
Binding Mistake: How Would You Correct It?
Is something wrong?
Dobro Dimension Thread is Missing.........
Shellac from Home depot
Ebony nuts and saddles!
Hi all
What is Imbuya like?
Ivaroid Source and Router Collar Questions
Spraying questions
Tail Graft Routing Jig
First kit, patiently waiting for the big brown truck ...
Digital Humidity Gauge! Inaccurate!
RC Tonewoods News Letter
Bubinga and gluing..
Koa tricone - not quite a kit
#5 Koa OM
I think I found a pore fill procedure that works pretty good (for me)
Interested in Touring the Martin Plant and Attending John's Open House?
This one is ready to start the finishing process!
Is clamping bad?
Binding Glue
My Binding Channel Cutting Jig
Another cheapo solution: this time with a bit for binding
Ken Casper Spotlighted in Target Ad
#3 Getting the hard part!
Beard reso guitar kit..first impressions
#2 Work in progress
Trim Router for Lutherie.......
A new kmg kit has arrived! It's purty...
It's a Miracle......The Box Is Closed!
Eliminating wolf tones?
How Many Go Bars?
Some really great nut files!
Humidity control is the "process" - controlling MC is the "goal"
Signing the Soundboard
Preview - koa tricone
Two bolts are better than one, right?
Guitars that sell
Upper tone bar fitted wrong!
Parlor guitar sound board thickness
Need help with mold purchase.
warming wood before applying finish?
Brace Billet Density
What'd I Do Wrong?
All Koa - decisions, decisions.
Does anyone skip binding?
Wood purchase
1st kit slope dreadnaught
Pictures of my stewmacs
Pics of my size 5
How would deep body OM sound?
Source for tortoise shell binding?
brace slippage - what would YOU do?
Someone Please Jog My Memory
A hand with block planes
"Inlace" Material
Binding Router Tower On The Cheap
Best way to miter join binding
Binding Grain Direction
Wood choices for guitars
Fretboard to neck
Build three almost ready for finish, w/PICS
Almost Complete...
Best Wishes to John on His Surgery This Wednesday
Visit to a Luthier
If You Don't Have a Radius Dish...........
Finished Trimming the Headstock to Shape Tonight
Humidity Normal, Glued Back to Rim
Tips on geting starting in the Guitar making?
J-185 Progress
How do YOU cut out your own rosettes?
Neck Questions......
Arkansas SM-D Kit Progress
Dimensions of a Standard Martin Headstock
First Build/ Martin 000
Is there merit to this idea?
First guitar for NAMM show
Do Not Use Epoxy. Health Issue.
Madagascar RW OM
#3 finished
Humidity question
Got my surgury date
The Beginnings of build #3.
YouTube Videos , What would you like to see ?
Free Kent Everett DVD
First 000
#2 finished
#4 All mahogany OM
A small oops. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
OOOOh nooo!!
What is the loudest acoustic guitar you have ever played?
My Happy Thanksgiving and Abe Lincoln's
Intimidated, but Took the Plunge.....
Guitar build #2 Progress
First build is finished, (PICS)
Number One all finished!
0-16 Parlor Guitar Together & Playable
First Build - J200
Blues Creek Guitars Dovetail neck setting videos on your tube
Please Advise Me On This Peghead Design
Resonator Guitar kit
Z-Poxy pore filling
Rebuilding My Badly Damaged 000
Dana Bourgeois ~ Oil Varnish Finish ?
Got Lucky This Morning......
Brace shaping
A Couple of Projects I am Working On
Epoxy Pore Filler
Building a guitar that will live in very high humidty!
Rubber band question
Back Glue Line Reinforcement Strip
Question: How Large To Make Offset Soundhole?
My kit guitar tone
What glue do you use?
Handy use for a webcam
Bill's Printable Journal
Kerfing options
Finishing Woe No Mo'
Correct bridge placement
binding videos
Band Saw Blade Recommendations
Chladni "Ring and a Half" Mode
Bridge caul
Finally finished #1...
Adirondack & Indian Rosewood Dread
Mixing Shellac
Osage Orange?
McFadden Shutting It's Doors
Finding the right blueprints to match KMG templates
Could I do a zero fret from a kit?
Guitar Kit Questions
"Custom" nut files
Fret tang nipper on the cheap
Anyone have a favorite all around pick for acoustic ?
Question about quality of Martin Kits?
Building a kit in garage?
What was the most frustrating cause of a buzz you found ?
Routers, Routers everywhere, but which one should I pick?
1st Build - all mahogany deep-body 000
Glueing X-Brace While in a Low Humidity Bag
6 day guitar - video
He can polish a turd!
How About this Method of Bending Sides........
10 day guitar - video
Home made buffer
My first LMI kit - a few questions
I know you guys love pictures
First guitar done. Stewmac rosewood dread
Stain woes
First Post Question
Anyone Going to Nazfest in Nazareth in August
A body vise like Bill shows in his book!
Scalloping an existing guitar
Here's number 3
Stewmac 000 Top Started To Bulge ?
Store CA in Refrigerator or Freezer?
The New low end Martins
Assemble your own kit - how cheaply can it be done?
Saving money sawing slots in my fretboard.
Bagging to Fight Humidity
Finally finished #2
I'll be Back ... in a week
Bridge Plate Repair
Chladni Patterns
The right band saw
HVLP Advice
CA filler and sealer
tenon sitting proud of sound board throws fretboard off
Awesome Luthier Site !!!
About to glue my fingerboard to my neck, have concerns
Ross Thickness Sander
Fret Press Caul Fret File Recommendations
Not a Kit, but thought I'd share...Maple SJ
A few questions about final steps
1st pore fill with Zpoxy
looking to purchase plans
My Build So Far........
Second drednaught build ongoing progress!
Neck shaping finished!!!
Gluing top/back in a Go Bar Deck
Target Coatings testing
boxes closed
Attach neck and fretboard before or after finishing?
maple and mahogany backs and sides at Woodcraft
If you were me...
Fingerboard clamps
New Luthier Tips du Jour - Inlay
Well, I've gone and done it
ready to close the box
Another way to make a neck block!
Building with Humidity
Neck Block Question
Target Coatings promotional deal thru May 10, 2009
Kit build "one"
Good Deal on Clamps for Lining
Top too thin?
Caul for Glueing End Blocks
LMI neck block question
Closest thing to Brazilian Rosewood
Power Your Radius Disk Using Your Drill Press......Video
Koa and breaclaw spruce dred- A LEFTY
New Luthier Tips du Jour video - neck blanks
Stewart-MacDonald Dreadnought
J-45 with gel varnish finish
Questions on Finishing
first one, here we go...
Setup Technical Talk: Sticky
Voicing DVDs by Kent Everett
Bridge plate location
Having a guitar built--nitro or Tru-Oil finish?
Finish for Work Table Surface
Blues Creek Inlay Router
finish with no pore filler?
Table Saw....Great price!
I can't believe I did this...
Rim Crack
Homemade electric side bending iron.
Building Spreaders
Inlay and epoxy disaster
New Luthier Tips du Jour video - Neck carving
Sprayless Satin Finish
Glue Choices
Red Spruce/mahogany dread- First Build
Nice Tutorial on Pore Filling with Z-Poxy
Glue fretboard on first or stain first?
Robo Sander for Drill Press
Freaking out over bridge placement!
Places to buy wood
Target EMTECH 6000 water based finish
Dimensions for Mobile Work Table and Go-Bar Deck
OM Depth Dimension Question
my 2nd 000
New Luthier Tips du Jour Video - Cutting Binding Channels
Brace Question
Don't want no crack!!
Fret Position Calculator (Excel)
Bridge Weight/Mass Useful Info
Scale Lengths
About The CenterLine Finder from
Peterson strobo soft Tuner
To All A Holiday Wish
Finally Bought a Kit.......
inlaywork that I have done
Cool Binding Tool
New Luthier Tips du Jour video - Glues
Ryobi P600 Trimmer
Eating humble pie
First timer. US Guitar Kits?
Getting set-up (still), but thinking ahead . . .
where you all from
Red Oak necks.......not Red Necks!!
Greetings from the arid . . .
Cedar Necks and Style Considerations
back radius problem
Climate Control for Storage & Building
Stew-Mac 000 Kit Question
The New Bridge Square Device for CenterLine Finder
Cauls for the head and tail blocks
Rebuild an Old Guitar for First Project?
Voicing/Tap Tuning/Scalloping the braces
bambo for top
Thinning the back?
Stew Mac 000 truss rod question
Radius sanding dish
LMI Bolt On Neck Question
000 vs OM: Why Choose one Over the Other?
Allow Me to Introduce Myself.....