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Bubinga and gluing..
#7... Lady firefly
Dennis W guitar #1 - Martin 000-18 ket
French polish - April StewMac trade secrets
#7... Lady Firefly.
Pictures of my stewmacs
Claro Walnut J-185
1st Kit from Stewmac
CA filler and sealer
Well I'm not as smart as I think I am!
OOOOh nooo!!
Guitar Label
Rebuilding My Badly Damaged 000
Baritone guitar 28" Spruce / Cocobolo
My Stewmac 000 first build
Saving money sawing slots in my fretboard.
Finally finished #2
#5 Oregon Flat top Box
an unusual headstock inlay idea
Washing rosewood prior to building?
Neck angle vs bridge height
Ah... ain't gettin' old fun?
Tennessee Flat top Box.
finish with no pore filler?
it'll blow out a match?
Koa and breaclaw spruce dred- A LEFTY
Martin 0 measures
1st one done
Nocturnal Guitars has been updated!
Light Bulb side bender
Red Spruce/mahogany dread- First Build
SE Asian Rosewood OOO Ready to Spray
A little past pore the cart ahead of the horse...
Patterns, Templates, etc....
Homemade thickness-caliper
1st build - StewMac Dread
New member
Pore Filling Techniques Needed
trouble with Seal Coat
where you all from
Getting set-up (still), but thinking ahead . . .
Peghead veneer + inlay
First Steel string project is a kit... sort of.
Songs of the 60's for us Baby Boomers
To mask or not to mask
Bridge Glue Advice
Repair advice/ideas
Greetings from the arid . . .
New Pickguard... ?
*Newbie to the Forum* Fretting tool
Surprise for me
Rosette Installation
My First Guitar Build
Who says I got no Cajons?
Progress on Second Build
First kit has arrived
One of my latest
Guitars # 3 and 4
OLF has Kit Guitar Forum
Number Four ... Complete
Transfer stuff to CD's
Major Surgery Next Week: Andy and Melissa
Allow Me to Introduce Myself.....
Showing my ignorance...
Cocobolo gluing
My First OOO
Number One is Done
Bridge Fixed
Gluing on the fretboard...
Nuts & Saddles
Truss rod rattle
How Big A Mistake Can YOU Make? Bet I've Got You Beat!
A little further down MemoryLane...
Stewmac's New Clear Mylar Templates
EMERGENCY! My guitar fell and Cracked!
Neck Joint Questions
First one done! What a ride!
First Build Commission
Where To Post Photos For Display On This Forum
I finally figured out how to post pix! Here are some of my 4th, a scratch . . . Maple laminated with Black Oak neck; Black Oak sides and back, milled from a storm felled tree near my home; Rosewood bridge, fretboard, headstock veneer, mop inlays.
Beware! This is what you get, when you mess with us!
Can I Do It?
ANNOUNCING New Martin Manual Published
making nuts and saddles from bones
Fretboard Inlay Alternative
A lesson in humidity and humility
Headstock Veneer Warp?
X braces
Edge gluing Backs & tops