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My First KMG Deep Body OM DONE!
Need advice on positioning fretboard inlay pieces
all koa update
How much does your guitar(s) weigh?
Do you finish up your finish with a wax?
My #3 Dred is finally done!
cross-grain laminate on headstock?
What Programs Labels do you use for your Label?
put it together before or after buffing?
My #2, a "00-17"
What will I will be doing next?
New Kit
Is something wrong?
Replys are not working
Test Topic
Question about designing a cutaway on a dreadnaught.
Ivaroid Source and Router Collar Questions
Build #1 so far
#1 build issues
First 000
What do you do with 'em?
Spraying questions
Inlay Epoxy
Digital Humidity Gauge! Inaccurate!
I think I found a pore fill procedure that works pretty good (for me)
First kit, patiently waiting for the big brown truck ...
This one is ready to start the finishing process!
#2 all done
Finish before neck attachment?
Redo on a crooked center back brace
Jade is in the house
My number 2, KMG 00-14 Redwood/EIR
J-200 kit completed
How about these bindings - darn Wisconsin humidity.
My Binding Channel Cutting Jig
I'm an idiot (Minwax stain content)
Finished number one - Stew-Mac Drednought
Koa tricone - not quite a kit
Fret board radius jig from Luthier Suppliers
Glue Spreaders
#3 Getting the hard part!
#2 Work in progress
Ken Casper Spotlighted in Target Ad
Trim Router for Lutherie.......
My first scratch build, #3, w/PICS and sound clips
Number two neglected
Baritone guitar 28" Spruce / Cocobolo
A new kmg kit has arrived! It's purty...
Highly figured redwood
#7... Lady Firefly.
Dennis W guitar #1 - Martin 000-18 ket
It's a Miracle......The Box Is Closed!
1st Kit from Stewmac
#5 Koa OM
Scratch-Built Padauk OM
Pore fill koa?
Dust extraction system
A couple of sound clips of my first build
Claro Walnut J-185
Koa 00 12 Fret
warming wood before applying finish?
Going to Start Building Today
Planet Waves New & Improved "Humidipak" Re-Released
Bending jig problems
Making progress on #3
What'd I Do Wrong?
Finishing a fretboard with wood bindings
Accoustic/ Classical Guitar Necks
Any pics of non-pore filled guitars?
Stewmac Rubber Binding Bands
Finally some progress on #2
Cheap Homemade Tools
Wells/Karol Circle Cutting Jig
SE Asian Flyfishin' Guitar
Sneak Peek -- KMG Nylon String OM Cutaway
2nd Build - Concert Jumbo
Wood purchase
KMG Curly Cherry/Rosewood OM --- kicked up a notch
Pictures of my stewmacs
Finishing in general
Thicknessing sides, backs, tops, etc.
jig for end wedge - got one?
Pics of my size 5
I need help here!
Question about a back strip
#1 - Rosewood/Sitka OM
Fret Tang remover?
Whew, one in the bag
Binding Grain Direction
Best way to miter join binding
Wood choices for guitars
A hand with block planes
00 12-Fret
Almost Complete...
Build three almost ready for finish, w/PICS
1st Build - all mahogany deep-body 000
1st kit slope dreadnaught
What finish on the bridge?
Humidity Normal, Glued Back to Rim
Water staining problem?
Warped top and back!
Guitars that sell
Bridge is pulling up
My KMG dread is finished...
Question about attaching top and back
who sells om cutaway kit with complete instructions?
Starting my 1st Kit
Arkansas SM-D Kit Progress
Cam Clamps
J-185 Progress
First Build/ Martin 000
Questions about working cleanly
Got my surgury date
#3 finished
Madagascar RW OM
Neck fitting question
Question about neck & tail blocks
Home back on US soil!
First custom rosette!
KMG 00014/OM Rosewood 35 style
J-185 side profiles
cupped mango back
Out of comission for a while.
My second
Here's what I have been working on lately:
#4 All mahogany OM
Intimidated, but Took the Plunge.....
Tail Graft Routing Jig
Fingerboard Extension Screwed Down Instead of Glued Down
Number One all finished!
0-16 Parlor Guitar Together & Playable
Getting Pores Filled on Mahogany ---- ??
Electric guitar kits
Please Advise Me On This Peghead Design
Guitar build #2 Progress
First Build - J200
My First Guitar LMI OM guitar
Rebuilding My Badly Damaged 000
Brace shaping
Do you know a technique for installing a sound hole lining?
Bending Purfling for Rosette
A Couple of Projects I am Working On
The Beginnings of build #3.
First OM done
Dreams about your Guitars?
Water Based Pore Filler problem
number 2 & 3
First build is finished, (PICS)
Hoorah! My second Drednaught is finished!
to make fingerboard angle cut
My kit guitar tone
Kind of quiet around here...
Laying Out Rims with KMG's Mega Mold and Contour Bar
Kits purchased on Ebay
The fix to the guitar top is done!
Repaired crack in spruce top is showing under seal coat
Holding a neck for carving and finishing
Finding the right blueprints to match KMG templates
What was the most frustrating cause of a buzz you found ?
Building a kit in garage?
Routers, Routers everywhere, but which one should I pick?
And now for something completely different....
Fretting my Fret Inlay...or lack thereof
Panel Joining
Finally Gearing Up Again
End trim question
guitar brace chisel
Stain woes
Staining Mahogany
Second drednaught build ongoing progress!
Saving money sawing slots in my fretboard.
First buld update
Rubber band question
Here's number 3
#5 Oregon Flat top Box
Finally finished #1...
Finally finished #2
KMG Sapele D18
Tinting Target Coatings HSF
Fear of Routing
sawdust filler
Red inlay material?
A few questions about final steps
Bridge question
Which Thickness Sander to Buy
Not a Kit, but thought I'd share...Maple SJ
Headstock shaping
electric kit builders
Fiber bindings/purflings
Abaloni Rosette help
Home Made Thickness Sander
First attempt at pearl inlay
Fret tang nipper on the cheap
My first
first one, here we go...
Custom Soundhole Sticker
Veneering a Kit guitar
Number 1 completed
Questions on Finishing
Blues Creek Inlay Router
Zip Flex Inlay Strips
Stella clone - not really a kit
Koa and breaclaw spruce dred- A LEFTY
Rim Crack
Upper Bout Bracing
1st one done
Putting in Frets before gluing the fretboard.
Inlay and epoxy disaster
What I've been up to...
Fretboard inlay question
Inlaying a rosette using precut abalone pieces
Best begginer guitar kit
So why are woods shipped in plastic wrap?
Show us your shop.
Interesting AGF thread on Radiused tops
Yet another binding router jig
Broke my new rosett bit
KMG "Success Kit" built across the big pond
First L-1 is done!
New found confidence
Spar varnish
Buy Tonewood off Ebay?
Another mistake... here we go again :T
Waist sanding
SE Asian Rosewood OOO Ready to Spray
Metcalf MANGO suprise----OM guitar
Target EMTECH 6000 water based finish
Curly mango?
OM Depth Dimension Question
Custom KMG OM/000 Deep Body
my 2nd 000
Scratches and Mahogany Dust in White bindings
Progress on Second Build
To All A Holiday Wish
Walnut and does it sound?
inlaywork that I have done
Cool Binding Tool
Finally Bought a Kit.......
First finished - at last!
One Bolt = No Glue?
Ken's Brilliant Contour Tool
Mistakes from a beginner's perspective
Sometimes you're just handed a gift
What did it cost you to build YOUR guitar?
Martin Kit - Quality Control Issues ??
Cauls for the head and tail blocks
Rosette woods
Latest experiment: My first bassguitar
Rim disaster: advice on bending a small bit of mahogany?
LMI Bolt On Neck Question
Love When Someone Plays My Kit Guitar The First Time!
Showing my ignorance...
Allow Me to Introduce Myself.....
How many coats of nitro do you spray?
Thinking about guitar #2
How Big A Mistake Can YOU Make? Bet I've Got You Beat!
First one done! What a ride!
wet sanding
KMG Build - American Black Walnut
My New Kit
I finally figured out how to post pix! Here are some of my 4th, a scratch . . . Maple laminated with Black Oak neck; Black Oak sides and back, milled from a storm felled tree near my home; Rosewood bridge, fretboard, headstock veneer, mop inlays.
First Build Commission
Pore Filling Techniques Needed
Where is everyone?????
CA + Roswood dust = FUMES !?!
Great Lakes Luthier's Gathering
Rosettes and CA Adhesive
Who makes the best Kit
Fret Buzz
Storing Pre-bent sides
Completion ...
Just about done -Its almost antique!
Number One is Done
Target Coatings High Solids Pore Filler Shrinkage
How Many Hours Prep Sanding the Top?
First build/Peace Guitar 000
New Member - Question on use of acetone
My first kit build
Uneven stain
Hello from sunny Chicago! Molds??
Finsihed # 6
Going traditional - anyone used Behlens?
Completed Martin OM
Pics of Second Guitar
Quilted Mahogany OMC Done!
Question about guitar molds
Building a 12
Neck Block
Tuner Layout