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Bill's Printable Journal
CA filler and sealer
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fox bender
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The fix to the guitar top is done!
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Mixing Shellac
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Stewart-MacDonald Dreadnought
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6 day guitar - video
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Jumbo v OM style kit
Back gluing and striping
Making an endpin Jack hole
front/ back radius
Thicknessing with planer
What do you think of my peghead?
"Armrest" bevel. How is this created?
maple and mahogany backs and sides at Woodcraft
If you were me...
ready to close the box
bending binding by hand
before closing up the soundbox...
Always something new
first one, here we go...
Body length: how to make it fit?
Custom Soundhole Sticker
Stew Mac Kit OOO Selection
Zip Flex Inlay Strips
Binding glue is messy!
New Luthier Tips du Jour video
A little bit of tone tapping - seattle area
StewMac 000 Cut Down to Parlor Size
This is how we do it in California!
bending wood binding
new guy
Has anyone ever used back made of strips of different woods?
New Luthier Tips du Jour video - The Spanish heel
Interesting AGF thread on Radiused tops
Curly mango?
First timer. US Guitar Kits?
Guitar building Temp.
So far
Natural Light Deluxe Verilux Shoplight
Rough cut mold
Walnut and does it sound?
Neck warpage some have experienced
Scratches and Mahogany Dust in White bindings
A couple of neck questions: shaping and cutting fretboard
Cross brace joint patch
Mistakes from a beginner's perspective
Red Oak necks.......not Red Necks!!
Fret Bender
where you all from
Songs of the 60's for us Baby Boomers
Cutting the overhangs
Kit vs. Scratch
Bridge Glue Advice
Repair advice/ideas
back radius problem
What do you think about a neck/body bolted butt joint?
Martin's Gold Headstock Logo
Surprise for me
StewMac Dread Tail Block
Yet ANOTHER possible mistake
Fun from the beginning
OLF has Kit Guitar Forum
Rebuild an Old Guitar for First Project?
Thinning the back?
Make Your Own Bridge
Wish me luck, I'm going in...
000 vs OM: Why Choose one Over the Other?
Side bending iron from LMI
Switching wood binding for plastic
Bridge Fixed
Another neck fitting scenario
New Tips du Jour video - Top Thicknessing
How Big A Mistake Can YOU Make? Bet I've Got You Beat!
A little further down MemoryLane...
Access to the truss adjustment, brace seems to restrict access to the rod
Neck Joint Questions
New Tips du Jour video is up
First Build Commission
The Wacky Ways Of Weldon
Pore Filling Techniques Needed
neck angle planning
New Tips du jour video- side bending by hand
Completion ...
dull finish desired
staining spruce top
Luthier Tips du Jour
Anticipation . . .
Newbie Question about Tools
Sanding the top perimeter thinner
Hello from sunny Chicago! Molds??
Comparatively speaking
Going traditional - anyone used Behlens?
Simple questions about sides
Contemporary Guitar Making with Charles Fox (Portland, Ore)
Mortice slot on soundboard
Are these the right products?
Sprayless Satin Finish
Tru Oil and Micromesh
Back and side thickness
Saddle issue
Sitka spruce/Sapele scratch LMI Kit
Dumbest Thing I've Done So Far ....
Fretboard to Neck assembly
Which Nut Files Would You Recommend
Custom Inlay
Classical neck and side finishing ???
Neck Block Question #6789
and yet another intonation problem
Tru-Oil Finishing Kit
Fretboard Inlay Alternative
what chisels are you using...
X braces
Edge gluing Backs & tops
StewMac Dreadnought - Mahogany or Indian Rosewood?
Binding channel - Erlewine style
My first
Any knows any good online lessons for learning guitar?
Dovetail fits fine - neck block is tipped :-(
Pore Filler Record?
Neck Alignment & Hemispherical fret end treatment
Grizzly Kit Question
Molds: Internal versus External for newbies
What to do with top and back?
Stewmac 000 building process
d35 cutaway kit
What type of glue?
splitting braces
Guitar Intonation and compensation 101
Questions, I'm new
The Hardest Part...So far.
Vintage toner
What are you using? Drill/Trimmer
Using a continuity tester to slot a nut
Struggles with setting the neck
Tapering sides on scratch built
Oak Guitar
Maybe bit off a bit more than I can chew...???
Building a 12
gluing fretboard to neck and adjusting the neck set
new member - questions about getting started
Testing, testing
Stew Mac rosette channel too thin
zero fret
Help me fix a mistake
dreadnought nut location?
New Member has couple questions
Introduction & a few questions
A question of "aesthetics"...
touching up bent sides?
Please help me find this router guide
Bowing Fingerboard?
Yet another binding router jig
Forward Shifted Bracing - Heads Up
Radius and sanding board discussion
top edge contour and neck angle
Neck/Fingerboard Questions
Agonizing over cutting the binding/purfling channels...
Paste wax
Goals for 2008
Thinking of using a custom body shape
truss rod question...StewMac Dread
Yet another one done
Making the neck shape you want.
Router Base for Inlay
Indentation in the top on the heelblock
First Time Making a Mold
Trimming top overhang
Where are you guys building your kit?
11 AM Nov. 11 a long time ago
Heel block, Neck, and Robert O'Brien's DVD
Satin Non-Gloss Finish
Titebond Creep ?
Getting excited!! - Router bit question
Questions About Molds and Clamps
Binding or No Binding....
Workshop and tools
Speeding Up Finish Cure Times
scratch techniques
Neck Sanding
Couple of questions
More Pore Filling Questions
Mold for a single cutaway Om/OOO
Stewmac's New Clear Mylar Templates
Whoa!! Mold and waist clamp
StewMac OOO Kit First Build Goof's
Side Benders
Hostile Acquisition...
quality of various kits, please help
Leveling the bindings - random question
Pore Filling -- Anybody Perfected it?
Digital Calipers- How good? How helpful?
Guitar Finishing Step-by-Step
what is the top out of stew mac kits?
Got my Stewmac OOO-Couple of questions