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Dennis W guitar #1 - Martin 000-18 ket
What finish on the bridge?
Cleaning brushes
A simple set up for applying a brush on Finish
Target amber shellac on plastic bindings?
Epoxy Pore Filler
Getting Pores Filled on Mahogany ---- ??
Protecting plastic binding while finishing
HVLP Advice
Tinting Target Coatings HSF
Target Coatings testing
finishing - - first project
Target Coatings promotional deal thru May 10, 2009
Water-based Varnish Finishing Schedule
What brush for Target EMTECH 6000?
Target EMTECH 6000 water based finish
Blues Creek Inlay Router
Show us your shop.
Another mistake... here we go again :T
First build, 14-fret sitka and rosewood OM, 24.9" scale
Finishing advice needed: stain, Tru-Oil, and shellac
Filling gaps in purfling channel
First timer. US Guitar Kits?
Inlay dots: brad point bit essential?
Scratches and Mahogany Dust in White bindings
Cutting Purfling with bearing bit
Easiest/hardest to bend woods
Ladder braced 12 string - back, top and sides
Neck warpage some have experienced
Which wood colors compliment each other.
Holiday Greetings
Favorite Supplier?
Surface contact on the neck joint
Removing kerfing, removing glue, repairing
Eating humble pie
Laminate Trimmer Router
Channels routed...whew!
Duco, weld-on, etc.
Songs of the 60's for us Baby Boomers
14 Clamps 9.98 at Lowes
Video: Fast Build at Colfax Guitars
Cedar Necks and Style Considerations
Mahogany "popsicle sticks"
New Luthier Tips du Jour Video - Vacuum Fixtures
Greetings from the arid . . .
Funky Bridge
Repair advice/ideas
Bridge caul
Repairing my first build
Razor Saw and Scraper
Number Four ... Complete
000 vs OM: Why Choose one Over the Other?
Latest experiment: My first bassguitar
Major Surgery Next Week: Andy and Melissa
How many coats of nitro do you spray?
First Build Commission
World Economic Crisis Costs Aussies Out Kit Guitar Building
A little further down MemoryLane...
Do I need to seal a solid-body before staining with minwax?
Rosewood strips in Martin Kit
Rosettes and CA Adhesive
Beware! This is what you get, when you mess with us!
The Wacky Ways Of Weldon
New Luthier tips du Jour video up today
Pore Filling Techniques Needed
Where is everyone?????
CA + Roswood dust = FUMES !?!
There is Shellac....and then there is Shellac
New Tips du jour video- side bending by hand
Sunburst and non-sprayed finishes
How would you repair this guitar?
Anticipation . . .
Fine Woodworking - Hand Tool Skills
Embarrasing Goof
Martin Molds
Question about Fret Saws
Table Saw Recommendations
Best place to find decent wood
multi-ply binding
ANNOUNCING New Martin Manual Published
Martin Laminated Dreadnaught Kits
Which first? Glue on the top, or glue on the back??
'oops' of the week
NiCd battery for power tool won't charge
Clamp Alternatives?
Hey, its a sweepstakes...
A cheap-and-dirty, "body vise"
Going traditional - anyone used Behlens?
DIY Back Brace Caul Clamping Board
set up and intonation
Dark, side fret markers
The perils of gluing braces the cheap way
Flush Cut Bits - dumb question
Quilted Mahogany OMC Done!
How to mask the rosette
Sitka spruce/Sapele scratch LMI Kit
Setting up shop question
K & K pickups
Just finished my go bar deck
Sources for Electric guitar kits?
Tru-Oil Finishing Kit
john hall to the rescue
My first attempt at recording...
gluing binding
Dovetail VICTORY!!!
Guitar #3
Sources for glass or carbon rods (for gobar decks or neck stiffeners)
Finally back to it...
Edge gluing Backs & tops
Radius Dishes?
Addind purfling channel
fretboard binding
Go bar deck height
Any knows any good online lessons for learning guitar?
Twist in the body
Small WorkBench plans
What type of glue?
Dovetail fits fine - neck block is tipped :-(
Pore Filler Record?
Exterior Mold Material
Sharing a website I just found...
Tim's Handy-Guide
how to know when finish is finished?
Cocobolo Blues... The saga concludes
2008 GAL Convention - Tacoma WA - Jun 11-15
How'd you begin . . .
Finding local luthiers for coaching, mentoring, etc..
KTM-9 wear
Ok I did it! 1st kit on order!
Neck wood - what's the best?
Fitting neck block when gluing sides
Routing for Binding - Again!
My next "project"...
Kite spars as go-bars
The Hardest Part...So far.
What are you using? Drill/Trimmer
My first kit is ordered
Small-bodied kit thoughts?
Whoops! The bolt-on inserts didn't quite work. suggestions please!
Acoustic electric set up on my kit guitar
Getting close to pulling the trigger. This could be a long post!
What to Buy?
Stability of braced top and back