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Tuner Hole Fix
Do you finish up your finish with a wax?
My #3 Dred is finally done!
Tony-in-NYC Proud 2nd Time Father
My #2, a "00-17"
What do you do with 'em?
Finish before neck attachment?
Jade is in the house
My number 2, KMG 00-14 Redwood/EIR
Koa tricone - not quite a kit
Bill's China El Cheapo kit
Final polish
#1 Finished
My first scratch build, #3, w/PICS and sound clips
Number two neglected
#5 Koa OM
Scratch-Built Padauk OM
Kudos to LMII
How many kits have been made by members of the forum?
Making Master Guitars
Well I'm not as smart as I think I am!
Substitution products for european builders
Claro Walnut J-185
A couple of sound clips of my first build
Koa 00 12 Fret
Brace Billet Density
Cross-grain sanding: Redwood
Any pics of non-pore filled guitars?
All Koa - decisions, decisions.
2nd Build - Concert Jumbo
SE Asian Flyfishin' Guitar
Pictures of my stewmacs
KMG Curly Cherry/Rosewood OM --- kicked up a notch
Stew Mac Kit - Back and Sides don't match.
Thicknessing sides, backs, tops, etc.
How long for braces to acclimate?
I need help here!
#1 - Rosewood/Sitka OM
Almost Complete...
Best Wishes to John on His Surgery This Wednesday
Finished Trimming the Headstock to Shape Tonight
Adding an electric pickup to an acoustic guitar
Humidity Normal, Glued Back to Rim
Radius disc
My KMG dread is finished...
Do Not Use Epoxy. Health Issue.
Using Epoxy in luthrie-safety issues
And a Happy New Year !
Acoustic Bass
First guitar project - X bracing question
I got a new guitar kit for Christmas!
How much Run out is too much.
#3 finished
Got my surgury date
Madagascar RW OM
Out of comission for a while.
A small oops. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
FREE tabbed guitar arrangments!
Free Kent Everett DVD
Happy Birthday, Bill!
Forum Calendar Just Released - SHIPPING NOW
#2 finished
Help with a buzz
A Few Calendars Left ...
Getting Pores Filled on Mahogany ---- ??
Blues Creek Guitars Dovetail neck setting videos on your tube
Resonator Guitar kit
Please Advise Me On This Peghead Design
0-16 Parlor Guitar Together & Playable
Rebuilding My Badly Damaged 000
Bending wooden bindings
First Build - J200
My First Guitar LMI OM guitar
SOT - $100 Telecaster challange
The Beginnings of build #3.
A Couple of Projects I am Working On
Kit guitar video clip
Building a guitar that will live in very high humidty!
A Guitar's Odyssey
First OM done
Is it just me, or have you all felt this way?
Stew Mac Kit - Top and Back Radius?
Downcut bits
Calendar Question for All
Question: How Large To Make Offset Soundhole?
Binding with Weld-on coming off
Hoorah! My second Drednaught is finished!
My kit guitar tone
What glue do you use?
What do these mean please?
Baritone guitar 28" Spruce / Cocobolo
My Stewmac Dread
Correct bridge placement
Bridge saddle slot modification?
Advice On Crowning Frets On Bound Neck ?
The fix to the guitar top is done!
My First Guitar, thanks to you!
How Does A Koa Top Sound?
Adirondack & Indian Rosewood Dread
My first is finished
06 is done!
Wood in Wood inlay
Laquer blushing
Pre-tensioning neck before sanding
And now for something completely different....
My Stewmac 000 first build
10 day guitar - video
Dehumidifier for compressor/spraygun
Question about quality of Martin Kits?
First guitar done. Stewmac rosewood dread
building guitars for friends
Here's number 3
Binding Butt Joints - A dumb question
Finally finished #1...
Thicknessing with planer
Not a Kit, but thought I'd share...Maple SJ
A few questions about final steps
stringing up a dovetail neck without gluing
Tonetapping with a tuner?
Hello everyone
Stock Standard Stewmac 000
Headstock shaping
Mask tuner holes when you finish the headstock?
bending binding by hand
Washing rosewood prior to building?
FRETTING: Fret ends won't seat correctly...
Top too thin?
Productive Couple of Days!
Ah... ain't gettin' old fun?
I finished it, the first!
First attempt at pearl inlay
electric kit builders
Fiber bindings/purflings
My first
My 4th and 5th guitar builds
Number 1 completed
Having a guitar built--nitro or Tru-Oil finish?
Finally Put The Soundport in my Jumbo
Gluing on the back
Local Wood Source
Koa and breaclaw spruce dred- A LEFTY
it'll blow out a match?
Putting in Frets before gluing the fretboard.
1st one done
That dreaded "Truss Rod Rattle"
Ervin Samogyi video and book
Nocturnal Guitars has been updated!
Trussrod out peghead
1st nitro finish continued
Glue Choices
Am preparing to glue sides to end blocks ... but first, need help with issues!
Red Spruce/mahogany dread- First Build
For all of you wood lovers to drool over.....
Un-glueing Tidebond
Inlaying a rosette using precut abalone pieces
Buy Tonewood off Ebay?
How done is done?
Waist sanding
Show us your shop.
SE Asian Rosewood OOO Ready to Spray
J-45 is under way
Bridge plate location
Clean working with epoxyglue
Patterns, Templates, etc....
Metcalf MANGO suprise----OM guitar
A little Hiatus...
Curly mango?
Easiest/hardest to bend woods
1st build - StewMac Dread
my 2nd 000
Homemade thickness-caliper
Neck joint fixed - finally moving forward again!
Holiday Greetings
Do-it-yourself rosette guys...
Bridge with 2 1/4" string spacing.
Villandry Handmade Guitars #1
White Spots in Mahogany
where you all from
Fret Bender
Saddle-compensation for 28" baritone
Guitar Shipping From LMI
Kit vs. Scratch
Wrong neck-body geometry and sloppy dovetail.
Headstock - scarf or stacked construction
Repairing my first build
Peterson strobo soft Tuner
My First Guitar Build
Surprise for me
One of my latest
Radius Contour Dish
Who says I got no Cajons?
I'm such an idiot... how do I fix this now?
OLF has Kit Guitar Forum
Stew Mac 000 truss rod question
Rosette woods
Number Four ... Complete
Here's what I have been working on lately:
000 vs OM: Why Choose one Over the Other?
Comparing spruce stiffness
bambo for top
Latest experiment: My first bassguitar
My second build
Major Surgery Next Week: Andy and Melissa
Cocobolo gluing
Love When Someone Plays My Kit Guitar The First Time!
A Mess'n With Colortone ~ And Where It Can Lead
Bridge Fixed
How many coats of nitro do you spray?
Nuts & Saddles
Anyone Used Colortone Pore Filler ?
World Economic Crisis Costs Aussies Out Kit Guitar Building
How Big A Mistake Can YOU Make? Bet I've Got You Beat!
Neck Joint Questions
New Tips du Jour video is up
First one done! What a ride!
First Completely Scratch Build
Beware! This is what you get, when you mess with us!
Congratulations Bill and sorry for neglecting this forum
Penna get together
Which way to go?
Getting close to pulling the trigger. This could be a long post!
Pore filling over Nitro???
dreadnought nut location?
"Ebonizing" Maple Veneer
Cream ABS-binding from LMI vs. Stewmac
A question of "aesthetics"...
Yet another binding router jig
side brace demensions
Which Nut Files Would You Recommend