For The Rattlers Among Us

The Achilles' Heel of Luthiery
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For The Rattlers Among Us

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I don't build enough guitars to invest time or money into using a spray gun outfit. I use rattle cans and I always seem to run out of finger strength and proper control when spraying. I have to have my finger too far forward to press the nozzle down fully and that sometimes contributed to minor splatting onto the guitar. About a year ago I came across this handle attachment for spray cans and it is the "bees Knees" as far as I am concerned (at least for me). It gives me effortless control of my spray job. The handle snaps into the top of the can very tightly so there isn't any fear of dropping the can. Actually I had to relieve some of the plastic as it fit too tight initially.
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Re: For The Rattlers Among Us

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Very nice!
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