Mezzotint Rocker Thread

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Mezzotint Rocker Thread

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This is so cool, thanks for posting it in the Finishing Your Guitar thread: wrote: ..... My daughter has her own shop ( and she got a tip from the late great Paul Hostetter ( for all sorts of great info) and uses a mezzotint rocker for the job. It is a chisel like a toothing blade for a plane and does a great job even on very very old nitro. She uses the 1/2" width
Ed, I am super intrigued by this Mezzotint Rocker tool. Thanks for sharing that information. I had never heard of such a tool so I found the Mezzotint Rocker guy (Edward Lyons; Manufacturer of Fine Print Making & Engraving Tools) on-line at . This web site is LOADED with obscure little gravers, scribers and plate cutting tools, all hand tools. Man what an obscure art, this one.

So these mezzotint rockers are spec'd by width and number of lines per inch. The 1/2" one you posted looks to be equivalent to the 45 TPI one (actually lines per inch; LPI) at

What is best practice for using a rocker to remove the finish at the bridge location ('cause I’m in!)? Bet I’ll be the first one on my block with a mezzotint rocker, “the finest mezzotint rockers available”: ½” X 45 LPI is $43.72 .

Anyone else use one or even heard of it?

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Re: Mezzotint Rocker Thread

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plenty of old tool technology out there.
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Re: Mezzotint Rocker Thread

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She holds it near vertical, then pulls away from the edge towards the center of the bridge footprint. The tool breaks the finish up into smaller pieces

Good luck and let us know how it goes
Ed M
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