Gorilla glue

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Red Dogg
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Gorilla glue

Post by Red Dogg »

Does anyone have experience with yellow Gorilla (brand) glue?

There seems to be a common misunderstanding that all Gorilla Glues are the foaming (polyurethane??) type that, as far as I know, was their first commonly available product.

Their yellow glue is roughly equivalent to Titebond III and does NOT foam. I really like it.

I asked StewMac if this could be used in place of Titebond and they basically said, "absolutely not," but I'm assuming they were of this same misunderstanding.

Any comments on this?
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Re: Gorilla glue

Post by carld05 »

Don't use it. The only thing I use Titebond III for is to attach purfling to binding before bending because it is more resistant to heat but TB 3 and that Gorilla glue can creep under tension if you try to use it for other assembly processes. I use TB Original or fish glue for most gluing. They aren't as critical for quick assembly as hot hide glue. Don't you have access to TB Original?
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Re: Gorilla glue

Post by Skarsaune »

Titebond III is also waterproof - Gorilla wood glue is as well.

It's nice to be able to take guitars apart for service when necessary, or when you make a mistake during a build. Never happens to me, ha! Steam and/or heat will release Titebond I, but not Titebond III.

If Gorilla yellow is anything like Titebond III, I'd avoid it for luthiery. Titebond I works just fine and is serviceable.
Diane Kauffmds
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Re: Gorilla glue

Post by Diane Kauffmds »

Guitars should be made for disassembly later on, if repairs are needed. I know titebond III is popular. It's properties make it very difficult to "unglue" if the need should arise, especially when doing a neck reset.

Please, use Titebond I, the Original, for constructing a guitar.

I repair guitars. When I run into a problem disassembling one, because of a difficult glue, I add $100 minimally to the bill, because of the added shop time, and more importantly, the potential damage that I end up trying to mitigate, because a difficult glue has been used.

If you have a brace problem and a brace has to be replaced, the top or back will have to come off. Necks have to be reset. Things happen.

Use Titebond Original.
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Re: Gorilla glue

Post by tippie53 »

no gorilla glue
these are what I use
tite bond original
elmers white
fish glue
hot hide glue
duco cement for rosettes and binding
as Dianne points out you may have to take it apart

I have seen too many great guitars ruined from this stuff. It is painful when I have to tell a customer you destroyed your guitar and there is nothing I can do .
John Hall
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