Truss rod and butt joint

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Truss rod and butt joint

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I'm building my first guitar and I'm using a simple butt joint with these inserts: ... -of-2.html

It all fits very well and the angle of neck is decent. It just hit me - because I'm about to close the box - that I need to make the truss rod able to go through the heel block. Is the procedure simply to measure out and drill a hole in the right size before closing the box, since I have not dovetail or mortise and tenon? Or should i saw an extension of the truss rod channel into the top after closing the box?

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Re: Truss rod and butt joint

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I drill a hole for access and leave the top intact. If I think of it, I cut a channel across the top of the heel block before I glue the top on.
You may also need to drill through the front brace to get the wrench in. Before gluing on the neck, dry-assemble and test to confirm you can get a wrench to the truss rod.

I bend a wrench to fit. There is a picture of it on here somewhere. Ill try to find it.

[Later] Well, I couldn't find the already-posted photo, so here's another one.
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Re: Truss rod and butt joint

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Here are a couple of shots fo what I think you are asking. I use a tenon because it allows more meat for the inserts, it helps align everything, and it is easy to do. The tenon does not have to be very long and I think that 1/2" long is the amount that gives enough substance.

First shot shows two holes in the upper braces to allow the wrench to reach the neck block area. If your instrument has a popsicle brace (flat, not upright) then just scoop out a portion to allow clearance for the wrench.

Second shot shows the truss rod sticking out the end of the neck just under the fretboard. In the future I will extend the truss rod slot under the nut for better leverage and this will make less of the rod stick out. Yours has no tenon, so your assembly will look a little different

Third shot shows where the end of the truss rod goes through the neck block. Notice there is a piece of the top that has been cut away for access -you may want to do this to make it all easier. Again, yours will look a little different.

In 9 instruments I have never had to use a bent wrench - just straight through the brace holes

Good luck

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