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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:58 pm 

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I'd love to get one of the SG Jr kits, it looks cool

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:38 pm 
yagon wrote:
I’m considering building/assembling a Les Paul using a kit from Precision Guitar Kits (http://precisionguitarkits.com/). This will be my first build and I have a number of questions that I hope I can get some feedback on:
• How much time is involved in building / assembling such a kit?
• I’m reasonably ‘handy’, but I still have concerns about setting up the neck (nut, frets etc) so that it plays well. How difficult is it to setup the neck on one of these kits?
• Can anyone comment on the quality of the kits from Precision Guitar Kits?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Yagon, I have no experience with Precision kits, but I have built several acoustics from both kits and scratch, and most recently, a scratch built Lester (see the Guitar's tab under Building From Scratch). Time is up to you, but I usually estimate 4-6 weeks of evening and part time building - it is very easy to go out to the shop and kill two hours and have nothing to show for it, or to get a whole lot done in a short time. Obviously, with a carved top most of the work is in carving the neck, top, routing the cavities - all of that is done for you (thanks to cnc). I've got two months in my LP, you'll probably take one.

Finsh takes at least another month - two weeks to apply, two or more weeks to cure, then the buff. Allow another week for setup. Obviously your time and milage will vary.

The most difficult parts of any guitar build in order are (1) setting the neck angle, (2) binding, (3) finishing. Precision raves about how good their tenon and neck pocket is - I've never seen a premachined neck that didn't stand proud (and really, it should). Getting that perfect will be the first key to perfect playability.

I can't tell if the neck is fretted from the factory - if so that removes a piece of work from you. Gibbie necks are bound in a weird sort of way - the frets are flush with the binding instead of over the top - again, that makes a bunch of extra work unless Precision is doing for you or unless you chose not to bind the neck. If the neck is fretted you probably still will need to do some dressing - you may need to by a fret file and a few little bits and pieces.

Making a nut is just one of the steps of building a guitar. It takes careful measurement, some special tools and time - but really isn't that hard. The really nice thing about a Lester is that once you've set the relief and made the neck, the bridge is really easy - turn the screws and the action goes up and down (duh). Once you have the action where you want it turn a few more screws and the intonation is spot on (wish it was that easy with an acoustic). Last problem is setting the pups - that is actually giving me more trouble that the rest of the setup - mostly because I've never done it.

Again, I can't comment of quality of Precision. There prices look pretty good - I've got right at a grand in mine with wood, hardware, pups and a case - I would guess that you'll come out pretty close to that. You'll end up with fret and nut files, some special measuring tools, finishing supplies, etc but you'll also be saved the cost of routers and bits and chisels and planes.

Good luck - find my thread if it is helpful, there are many others. I recommend Hiscock's book, StewMac's free stuff, MIMF, OLF and MyLesPaul forums. I'll be happy to help in any way I can.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:15 pm 

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You might also have a look at Bulldog Guitars. He's got a few LP's to choose from. Available w/ different p-up combos. These aren't bolt-on guitars. They are M&T neck joint so you would have to fit the neck to achieve the right neck-angle. Lot's of guys on the the Finishing Forum have made some real good looking & playing Les Paul's from his kits. The remainder of necessary parts you have to out-source on your own, but that's half the fun of it.

I've made a few LP's from Mahogany slabs & purchased necks from asst sites. They sound decent & when combined w/ good cmpnts. They can sound great! On this one, I spent a good amt of $ on parts & pickups (Thro-Bak SLE-101's). It was well worth it.


Here 'tis pictured next to my LCPG #151 Std Faded LP:

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