Tape Tear Out

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Re: Tape Tear Out

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I can buy unwaxed spray shellac in rattle cans in the US (Zinsser), a big convenience.
peter havriluk
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Re: Tape Tear Out

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Yeah, the Zinsser in Canada, oddly, is not unwaxed.
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Re: Tape Tear Out

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Dewaxing only requires a filter. I wouldn't let that stop me.
Diane Kauffmds
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Re: Tape Tear Out

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I use unwaxed flake shellac for everything.

I use a 2# cut for French polishing and 1# cut for everything else, which includes protection. I just use a pad to put it on. I don't buy the ready mixed or spray on.

To make 1 cup of a 1# cut, mix 8 ounces of alcohol (1 cup) to
1 ounce of flakes. You need to weigh the flakes. It'll take a while to melt the flakes. To melt it faster, I put the flakes in a blender and powder them. I sit down in front of the TV and I keep the alcohol/shellac mixture moving. It'll take about an hour.

I get my shellac here:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dewaxed-Blonde ... 890.l49286
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