Fretboard binding tenor ukulele

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Fretboard binding tenor ukulele

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I am not at all sure how binding works with width of fretboard; it would seem to increase the overall width of the fingering surface by the two thicknesses of binding. And do you Install the binding before or after installing frets? My plan calls for specific dimensions at the nut and at the 14th fret for the width of the fretboard. Certainly that cannot change much, specifically it cannot get smaller? Anybody seen a good explanation of how binding works.

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Re: Fretboard binding tenor ukulele

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I trim the fretboard narrower by 2X the thickness of the binding so when the binding is applied the total width is correct.

Apply the binding before installing the frets. You'll have to remove a bit the tang at each end of the frets so the binding doesn't interfere with seating the frets in their slots.

StewMac sells a clipper made just for this, or you can use whatever ypu may have that works.
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