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Post by Skarsaune »

Dang USPS....

I ordered a bending form for a 14 fret dread from John, try to support him with some business and one less thing I have to make.

It took a week to get to Harrisburg,PA, from Hegins.....sat there most of a week.

Then it went to Memphis.
Note - I'm on the opposite end of the state from Memphis.

Then it went to Atlanta. Huh?

Then to Knoxville.

Good news is, it shows as out for delivery today!

Usually I get things from John in just a couple days. I guess this one got to go on the merry go round ride.
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by jread »

YUP! I've seen about week of "traveling to destination" lag in a lot of USPS orders lately. Super stressful when there is a guitar in that box. One I had dropped off in person and there was no update that they even had it for days. So far, all have arrived safely.
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by Skarsaune »

I clicked the option where they would text you updates on the progress of the package.

It was good for some laughs, at least. :-)

Never mind this 2nd 000 that got started while waiting for the dread sides to get bent.
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by BEJ »

The PO does screw up a lot but not always. Sent a guitar to my brother from Seattle to a small town in Wyoming, out last Friday and arrived Today (Tues).

But, not without some hassle, apparently my pre pay and printed label wasn't totally "correct" even though I followed every step and thought if not right the process wouldn't go to the next page. Guess that was my mistake, just when you think you have it right you don't.

The clerk refigured and "corrected" my total and ended up with an amount $2.-- less then I already prepaid. When I mentioned this she refigured again and came up with I was now a $ 1.95 short, WTH,WTHH!! how is this possible? At this point( with the line getting bigger behind me- when I came in about 4 now about 10-12, I think if they were playing the new game "Who's am AH" all of them would have held my their YES cards on me for delaying them) I gave in and paid the extra $.

As I left the PO I thought I hope she didn't put the "Mark of Cane" or something that would ensure my package never arrived or was damaged because I was a "difficult " customer. But it seems to have worked out this time.

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Re: Dang USPS

Post by tippie53 »

it is a pain right now
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by carld05 »

Let me tell you the woes......and I'm a buyer not a seller.
I sent a guitar to my grandson for his birthday last year with plenty of time for delivery. They got it to his closest distribution center in Phoenix, then sent it back and forth to LA twice before getting it to him a week late.
We live in a rural area with no mail service and USPS provides a free PO Box for us. Many vendors will not accept PO Box designation for shipping, we have to use our physical address and try to attach the box number somewhere in the address to clue the postmaster where it should be directed. Lately, two shipments thru Ebay had that number stripped from the shipping address and sat in a "can't figure it out" pile for a week. GAAHHHHH!
Oh, and then there's the Christmas present we got a month late because of a mistyping into the barcode pasted on the box. GAAHHHH! again.
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by Danl8 »

This past year has been a real treat, shippingwise. USPS has been incredibly slow at times, but not always. I got an order from John last week via UPS and to my surprise the 90 miles only took 4 days, including a weekend and snow.
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by Stray Feathers »

Shipping by all carriers has been all over the map. I ordered two items from Lee Valley in Canada. One was back ordered until March, the other was shipped via UPS. UPS showed up at the door three days later, but with the supposedly back ordered item. The item shipped first was given a not-bad delivery date, but has now vanished into the land of "delayed" and "stand by for updates". A workbench from Home Depot was not shipped for ten days, then crossed Canada in three, then "departed" Richmond (near Vancouver) which is four hours from where I live including a ferry ride, on Feb. 3, with a delivery window that just kept getting extended every day, last reported to be Feb. 12 to 20. It arrived two days ago, unannounced, with a carrier unmentioned in any of the tracking info. I understand the problems they're all facing, but it can be nerve-wracking for buyers and sellers.
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by Diane Kauffmds »

I've never had problems with the USPS, until the last 6 months. I ordered a tool from Stewmac, 35 miles from my house. It got here by way of Pittsburgh, PA, to Columbus, OH, to Indianapolis, IN, to Parkersburg, IA (at least they got the city name right...wrong state), before meandering its way to Parkersburg, WV.

Usually for a stewmac order, I drive to pick up, but with the pandemic, their offices are closed.

I've had other similar experiences lately.
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Re: Dang USPS

Post by Skarsaune »

I placed a small order with stew Mac while waiting for my bending form from John.

It got here in two days, and I’m further away than you are.

Crazy stuff.
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