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How Many Of Us Play Out?
Bill Cory

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Any of you guys play as pro, semipro, etc.?

I did at one time, 25 years ago, but a 15-year layoff and not being able to get my chops back have made me stop.

Anyone done a CD, play open mic nights, pro, ... ? If you have soundfiles on the internet, link us to them!

Just curious.


Nov 02, 06 | 6:02 am

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Goodness no! Put succinctly, I'm a marginal player and I stink as a singer. :) My voice is somewhere between Kris Kristoferson and Mr Ed.

Nov 02, 06 | 2:34 pm

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Well, don't have sound files, but here's some pictures a buddy of mine took...

Fretless the band

Our singer just quit though.

Nov 02, 06 | 8:18 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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On guitar, the only place you'll see/hear me play in public is at church. I think it would be fun to try an open mic sometime, but all of the music I know how to play is contemporary worship stuff.

On bass I play and sing at church and we also have a blues-rock band at work that has done a couple of department-wide shows (350-400 people).

Nov 02, 06 | 8:42 pm

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My wife and I used to play in our church but haven't in a few years.My brother who is a pretty good electric player and I used to do some open mics but since I started building guitars my playing has gone south so I rarely play outside of my house anymore.

Nov 03, 06 | 8:53 am

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I play guitar and bass in church. I've been working on a buddy of mine about doing a 2-guitar acoustical set in some places around town. More for fun than anything else.

Nov 03, 06 | 10:47 am
Dennis Weatherly

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I forgot I had this out on the Internet. You can see a video clip of the work band at if you like. This was our first performance, after being together for one week and having had exactly one 2 hour practice session. When Nike says "Just Do It" they're not kidding! Since this was shot we've had several months of rehearsals and played another work event. And we just heard that we're on tap to play again in December.

Nov 03, 06 | 12:24 pm
Ken Hundley

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Awesome Dennis! ASt my job, there is me and a trombone player. Don't think anything will happen there.

Nov 03, 06 | 9:03 pm

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I do get the opportunity to play with our church praise band - we do do 8 - 10 numbers each week at our contemorary service. I play bass (which I built), acoustic, resonator, alto and soprano saxes, vocals and once in blue moon harmonica! I also take my guitar with me on mission trips and typically play for 2-3 hours each night during those trips. I produce a Christmas CD each year in honor of and memory of my father, where I play all tracks.


Nov 09, 06 | 10:36 am

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My wife (fiddle) and a friend (mando) play 1/month at the old-folks home. Old-time style. Lots of fun, and a captive audience!


Nov 10, 06 | 8:14 am

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...and me on guitar - hopefully a new handmade one in about a month or so!

Nov 10, 06 | 8:14 am

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I play solo as Panama Jim and with the Hawaiian band Na Mele Pumehana ( ) I wish I could afford to quit the day job,but...

Dec 20, 06 | 12:36 pm

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I jam with 4 guys every Friday for about 3hrs doing Van Morrison, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Acoustic Blues and each week one of us offers an original song. Then I play about 3 times a year at a monthly unplugged open mike where only original stuff is played. The chalkboard gets filled pretty quick with everyone from old buggers like us to young hopefuls looking to make their first CD. Some really talented players turn up.

Dec 21, 06 | 7:11 pm

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I will be doing a show next spring and then doing the open mic, pub thing over the summer (I hope!). I started taking some fingerpicking lessons from a great guy last year and he's putting on a show with a bunch of his students next May. That alone should be fun and I'll be playing backup on about 8-9 tunes for this.

He's also got about 4 of us who are all in our 40's and like the acoustic thing. So part of the rehearsing this winter is to put together a couple of sets to play around the city next summer.

I'm really looking forward to this. I've never played with anyone for all these years but I always wanted to. I never had the guts to try an open mic solo but with a group it should be fun.

It's also an excuse to pickup an acoustic amp. I've got an old Fender Blues jr. for my Strat, but the acoustic sounds crappy. I've also got a really nice Martin DC-Aura that has the modelling algorithms that I've never been able to make good use of. Right now I"m leaning towards an Ultrasound AG-50 with separate vocal and guitar channels. A purchase after recovery from Xmas expenses.


Also it would be cool if I could build a guitar to play out sometime.

Dec 26, 06 | 9:33 am

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I played in the church band for two years, left when #2 kid was born, and went back into the band a few months ago. We play to about 100 people a week...

It's all about to change again..the pastor is trying to "prise" the job off the main worship leader who has depserately clutched at the job for six years and try to allow the other multifarious musicians to lead on a Sunday morning/evening. SO whether some of us will be made redundant too is another matter...... :-D

And I was SOOO looking forward to playing regularly again!!

Dec 26, 06 | 12:40 pm

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Nope, not a note. I have never played a guitar but my daughter does. I tried some 'do it yourself lessons' but found it to be frustrating. I have a problem trying to fret strings without touching others. I guess I have fat fingers. I built my daughter an electric guitar last year for Christmas and that got me to try an acoustic. Now I am hooked. I guess I either need to learn how to play, or learn how to sell!

Jan 28, 07 | 8:34 am

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