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Advanced Voicing Video by John Mayes

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I just got this, and I highly recommend it. He does 4 different tops of different woods and sizes. Covers the bracing patterns, and glueing. Then shaves and shapes the braces while tapping until he gets the tap tone right. He explains in detail where, why, and how much to trim to get the top to 'ring'. Gives a before/after demo of the sound. Best thing I've seen on voicing a top and tap tuning.


Sep 18, 06 | 1:43 pm
Bill Cory

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Hi Chris -- thanks!


Sep 19, 06 | 4:45 am
Ken Cierp

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I read a review of this video somewhere else and the person said the before and after sound samples were not audible and you had to take Mayes' word for it. Also, its was said that there was not a real comparison of one of his instruments with and with out voicing? Your take on this Chris?


Sep 19, 06 | 5:49 am

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I ran the DVD on my home entertainment system DVD player which is routed through a stereo amp as well as to my T.V.. I could clearly hear the sound samples, and the before/after comparison. Perhaps that other reviewer was playing the DVD on a computer drive or something with poor audio. My setup is OK, but not really 'high end', and I was impressed by what I heard.
I too would have liked to hear those voiced tops in finished instruments. I wonder if anyone has mentioned that to John?


Sep 21, 06 | 1:27 pm
John Mayes

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Thanks for the nice compliments. It's always nice to hear things like that.


I use a very high quality mic right in close proximity of the tops, and even on my computer it was very clearly audible to me. Linked below is a clip from the video I cut out of the video for you. See if you can hear a difference in the before and after. And I have had many people tell me that they could hear a clear difference as well. But I'm sure it would depend on the quality of the speakers/system they were being played back on.

No there is not a comparison of one of my guitars without voicing as I have never made a guitar without voicing it. It would seem like a waste to build a whole guitar and not voice it. I do wish it would have been feasible to have recorded sound samples of the tops I voiced for the video in finished form but I only build about 12 guitars a year and that would have meant delaying the video a long time, and so I choose not to, although quite a few people have mentioned they would have liked to see that.

Tapping clip

Dec 09, 06 | 8:07 pm

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Seems quite clear to me on my Dell Latitude speakers. I'd much rather have sample A...or was that B, no I think it was 1. Geez, it's the second one...the after!

Thanks for sharing, John!

Mar 29, 07 | 4:51 pm

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