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Making a Cheap Straight Edge Tool

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Those metal straight edges from the luthier suppliers, and woodworking places cost alot.
Got this from a Dan Erlewine video. Get a draftsmans T-Square from an Art or stationary store, wood center with transparent edge, about $12 or $14, 24" or 36". One of these make several tools. First, cut off the top of the "T", but leave a couple of inches of the "I" part below the top of the "T". That leaves you with a nice double edged straight edge "I". Now, one edge of the "I" straightedge can be 'notched' for fret clearance to measure fretboard level, while the other unnotched side can measure the frets, or bare fretboard for levelness, or other purposes. Take the "T" part with the 'stump' "I", and cut the 'wings' off the top "T" to a handy size and you've got a nice double right angle square. That's 3 tools out of 1 for less than $15.
I hope this makes sense, if not, check out the Dan Erlewine videos.


Mar 04, 06 | 10:29 pm
Bill Cory

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CrowDuck -- I've got one of those in a closet. Bing! Free tools! I was thinking about buying one of those notched straigtedges -- now I won't have to.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!


Mar 05, 06 | 4:30 am

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I have become quite a fan of Dan Erlewine over the past year or so. His repair books are very good, his DVD's wonderful and the monthly column in Vintage Guitar magazine is worth the price of admission.

Mar 24, 06 | 4:41 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Another great leveling too is a 24 inch level , Yes folks a level. They are accurate enough for beginnners. Once you go to the serious building stage you can upgrade tools but to start you just need to get trrough the learning curves.
I am a machinist and make my own but then not all of you have mills and machinsts tools. Granite plates are a great tool for making joints as they are usually flat to within .00005. That is seriously flat. You can also use your table saw top.
Your imagaination is your best tool
john hall

Mar 26, 06 | 11:00 am

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Have you seen the little posting on charles hoffman site (hoffman guitars) where it say's "your ten best tools" with the guy holding his hands/fingers up! that's good stuff too!


Jun 09, 06 | 4:49 am

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