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Great Source for Inlays

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Kind of by accident I stumbled upon an apparent great source for inlays:

Ordered an initial inlay; have not yet received it, but the selection is extremely extensive. Thought others might find it useful.


Aug 29, 06 | 4:52 pm

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Wow that is an amazing site. I've been reading Larry Robinson's book so it was timely url reference. Thanks.


Aug 29, 06 | 6:20 pm

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The inlay arrived today. It is dazzling!!!


Aug 30, 06 | 3:51 pm

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Wow thats cool sites give me and idea for my guitar I may try. I am going to put the beautiful thistle for my scotish side at the headstock and a Fleur de Lise as the dots. That way I can have the scotish side and the French side.

I wonder if theres a book telling about "how to make Inlay blocks" so I can try prepare my own that would be sweet. Anybody know of such a book? If so can you can you visit he books site ill post a topic thingy mabob lol.

Aug 30, 06 | 7:05 pm

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Some of Andy's pearl on my mando

And for Canuckplaya, there is at least on book on doing inlays at StewMac

Sep 14, 06 | 10:59 am

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