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More Tru-Oil

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First-- many thanks for the earlier detailed thread on Tru-Oil, especially to Tom. I wouldn't be here without having read that a few times!

I spent the weekend doing a Tru-Oil finish on my neck. I'm pretty happy with it right now. I'm going to let it sit for at least two weeks before final buffing. The schedule is as follows:

1) Sand the neck to 220, wash with naphtha to raise the grain and sand to 400 dry.

2) Stain with Min-Wax 'red mahogany'.

3) Seal with fresh shellac (one coat -- will do three coats over stain next time :) )

4) Level shellac with 400 wet in turpentine -- be really carefull to not go through stain!! Don't ask me how I know.

5) Put on coat of Tru-Oil with fingers -- rub in really good -- let dry for 2 hours -- level with 0000 steel wool wetted in turpentine -- clean with naphtha.

6) Repeat step five 10 or 12 times!

Here is a photo, though it is difficult for my photographic skills to show what it is like.

Aug 21, 06 | 3:49 pm

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Looks very nice! A number of the folks on the forum go over it with 0000 steel wool after it's done to give a satin look with a slicker feel, but it's purely a personal thing.


Aug 23, 06 | 3:54 pm

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I'm giving serious thought to hitting the playing part of the neck with steel wool and then giving it a little polish with Mequire's to get it back to semi-gloss after it's cured. Don't know for sure yet, the neck is slicker than lacquer now, but...

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the Tru-Oil. Typing is a little worse than ususal as I just finished a 90 minute session of pumicing (is that a word?) the body in preparation for the FP.


Aug 23, 06 | 4:42 pm
Bill Cory

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Don't you love the way the TruOil brings out that deep shine in mahogany? I think it's the greatest.

I did my very first neck with TO and later switched to a waterbase pore filler and shellac -- quicker, but not as pretty. If it was something that showed from the front of the guitar, I'd stick with TruOil.

That looks really good Jim.

Aug 26, 06 | 3:49 pm

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Does step 4 (Level shellac with 400 wet in turpentine) fill the pores? Are you basically following the TruOil directions but adding shellac sealer before you pore fill/wet sand?

May 04, 08 | 7:01 pm

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