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Lots of info on different finishes

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I just came across a great site with lots of information on different finishes at
The Woodshop.

Thought it might be of some interest to the forum.


Aug 17, 06 | 3:26 am

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Great site, Mark. Thanks!

By the way, how did the top come out?


Aug 18, 06 | 3:06 pm

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...Its like the toy store I love the site. It tells you so much about the different types of finishes. I have been wondering about different finishes. A tip of the hat to you lol.


Aug 18, 06 | 8:54 pm

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Another good web site on finishes and finishing

Aug 21, 06 | 4:09 am

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I have become so totally disgusted with the entire finishing process. As I said in a previous thread, I was planning on using TruOil for the body. Problem is, I couldn't get a uniform finish with TO -- there were always lines and swirls after it had dried. I sanded the TO down and decided to try a brush-on lacquer. While the finish was glossier, there are still brush marks and it's uneven. Besides, the lacquer looks like plastic. I'm not terribly happy with it. I am striving for a warm finish that looks kind of hand-rubbed, yet hard enough to protect the guitar. I don't think that exists. I'm not sure I want to sand it down to bare wood again so I will probably just leave the lacquer on, but I know I'm not going to be happy with it.

As for the top, I haven't messed up the top too badly yet. I put a couple coats of TO on the top, and have level-sanded it. When I'm done with the back and sides, I will work on the top -- probably another coat of TO and leave it at that.

I think I've spent as much time applying and removing finishes as I have building the darned guitar. Grr.


Aug 21, 06 | 4:47 am
Bill Cory

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Mark -- "I feel your pain." I've probably "invested" enough in finishes and practice wood and time to build two kits. I understand now why a lot of pro luthiers send their guitars away for finishing, to someone like Adam Stark, who works independently but has his shop set up at Rick Turner's Renaissance Guitars "factory." He charges a lot; the point is, finishing is such a pain in the neck for everyone that LOTS of people don't even try to do it.

By the way, I'm not happy with any finish I've done, yet. I'm testing a new waterborne lacquer provided by Ken Cierpilowski (; he doesn't have it commercially available yet, but it is promising.

I'll provide a review of it when I can.


Aug 21, 06 | 6:35 am

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Here's another article on finishing, for those who are interested

Aug 21, 06 | 8:15 am

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And an article on how to rub out finishes to satin or gloss.

Aug 21, 06 | 8:16 am

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