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KMG Kits?

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I noticed Ken's ad on the site now offers 'wood and reasonably priced kits'. But when I go to the site, no mention of either???

Ken (or Bill or others), can you tell us more about the kits being offered?


Aug 14, 06 | 4:51 pm

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I don't think he has begun offering them yet.

Aug 15, 06 | 7:00 am
Bill Cory

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Ken's kits will be pretty nice, I'm guessing. He has told me quite a bit about them, but some plans might have changed, so I don't want to spill any beans that might need cleaning up later.

To ask him a question, just click his name in the "Author" column. That takes you to his profile and you can email him from there. (This works with all our names; everything in brown on this site, like ejko up on the left, is a link.


Aug 15, 06 | 10:25 am
Ken Cierp

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I am very sorry but we still do not have an exact date for releasing kits. I am a little surprised by quick acceptance of our tools and fixtures – even though I knew there was a need. As it stands right now, proto typing for our “Spartan” side bender and our Top and Back brace making fixture is the first order of business. Actually, our parent company is we have been making home furnishings since 1988. Now that the luthier supply side of the business is really beginning blossom, the plan is to sell off the furniture side and wind that down. I am going to ramp up the re-saw and sanding operations so I can get tops, kerfing, rosettes, bracing and bindings either at my website or in the Ebay store. In any event, we will do our best to provide the high quality items at very competitive prices.

Ken ------- Kenneth Michael Guitars

Aug 15, 06 | 12:09 pm

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