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Martin factory tour and visit to Guitar makers connection shop
Fred Tellier

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I took a trip to Nazareth a couple weeks back to see the Martin factory, and was I impressed. Large clean plant with lots of high tech machinery but still lots of carefull hand work. The young man that conducted our tour was very informative as he works in the machine shop where they build the jigs and fixtures used in the manufacturing areas so he knew a lot about the manufacturing process. A must do for anyone who builds or just loves guitars.

Also visited the Guitar makers connection shop, and left them a few bucks. I left with a beautifull set of unbent sides, a matching back set and a really nice top. Also bought most of the wood parts needed for my next guitar. It is a great place with guitar woods and parts stacked on shelves everywhere you look.

My wife didn't even flinch as the stack of parts grew higher and the Master card total climbed. I can't wait to start building again, but am also enjoying playing my first kit guitar, it is now almost 4 months old and the sound is getting better all the time.

Aug 11, 06 | 5:12 am

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Sounds fantastic!

My sister lives near El Cajon - I keep wondering if the Taylor factory down there gives tours... :)

Aug 11, 06 | 5:44 am
Fred Tellier

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That would be a great tour if available, I have also been to the Gibson Acoustic plant in Bosman Montana and also enjoyed it. Martin is much larger and a little more automated tham Gibson.

Aug 11, 06 | 5:51 am

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Curious if the costs are similar from the plant directly as they are online. What type of woods did you get?

Aug 11, 06 | 2:10 pm
Fred Tellier

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I think that the prices are the same, the advantage of being there is choosing the parts yourself. Indian Rosewood unjoined back and unbent sides , sitka joined top with roset cut for pearl, neck, finger board, cerf cut lining, bracing, end blocks and bridge the total was 297.00 plus tax.

Aug 11, 06 | 2:39 pm
Bill Cory

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Taylor tours are offered every weekday at 1:30 pm. Just be there and you get a tour.

Fred, that's a good price for that package of wood, hand chosen!

Aug 11, 06 | 3:35 pm

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Bill's right about the Taylor tours. You may also see their "Factory Friday" Online tours at their website...almost as good as being there!

Keep us posted on the build Fred.

Aug 13, 06 | 1:29 am

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