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Any suggestions for a "how to repair guitar" book?

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I got a nice guitar from korea I wanna try repair for fun to keep myself active. basically the binding has split from the kerfling and a few of the joints have split due to bad care. I was going to repair the kerfling, replace some of the bindings, and maybe if I feel dangerous ill redo the nut because it somehow has been worn down.

wondering if anyone knows some books that would cover some of this or hopefully cover all of it in a repair book/DVD or a good building book/DVD that cover any of those would be great.

Aug 07, 06 | 6:36 pm

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I cannot say enough to get everyone to read and/or purchase Dan Erlewine's book on guitar repair and setup. Covers both acoustic and electric.

Aug 08, 06 | 2:17 pm
Bill Cory

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Ditto on Dan Erlewine's book. You can buy it on Amazon or anywhere guitar books are sold. (Or through the "Links" page, which will help support this forum and KGB ...)

Also check out the "books" sections on Stewmac's and LMI's websites.

Another good one is the Acoustic Guitar Owners Manual. More about maintenance, which can prevent the need for repair. They work together.

Aug 09, 06 | 7:41 am

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