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Do I need to clamp hide glue?

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Hello! I'm building my first guitar and I'm wondering if I need to clamp hide glue. The price if clamps is really expensive (for me) for a few uses. I know I have to heat the glue and prepare it, which I believe I can do fairly easily. It also seems more natural to me haha, but that's just my opinion.

Jul 21, 10 | 6:09 am
Running Dog

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Yes, you do.

"Rubbed" joints may be sufficient for gluing smaller pieces with less glue surface but not for the important structural joints. Thinner glue lines, which mean well-surfaced and well-fitted joints AND sufficient clamping pressure, are much stronger than thick glue lines.

Flea markets, at least around here, abound in old clamps of various sizes and types at very good prices. We scored a handful of Klemmsia cam clamps for a couple of bucks each at a woodworker's estate sale a couple of years ago.

But you don't have to have a pile of cam clamps, C-clamps, bar clamps, etc. although they will give the most consistent results and best efficiency. You can use straps or rope, piles of paint cans, bricks, rubber bands, well-trained large dogs ("Sit! Stay!"), and any other creative means you can come up with to provide pressure.

Jul 21, 10 | 9:30 am

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Lol okay thanks a lot. I guess in that case ill just use normal titebond glue and try to find a giant rubberband....or get another dog!

Jul 21, 10 | 1:16 pm

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Hi, good luck on your first. A good rubber band can be made from an inner tube of a bicycle or car tire. Just cut to width with a pair of scissors and tie together to get the required length.

Jul 23, 10 | 12:49 am
Todd Stock

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There are lots of options...

- Cumpiano shows a wedge jog for backs and tops, while the Spanish windlass type is just twine and some wood wedges.

- A go-bar deck with shop-made go-bars is cheap...just a few pieces of all-thread and 1/4 sheet of plywood. Have a friend rip up a straight-grained 2' long stick of oak, ash, or hickory for the rods...probably under $30 in materials.

- The box can be closed with twine or rubber bands...even surgical tubing. Get an old truck inner tube that is leaking at a truck stop...spiral slice it with a sharp razer blade into 3/4" wide x 10' pieces...with the top and back trimmed close, get the plates on and wrap the box.

- 4" PVC pipe can be cut into 1" wide rings then split to make clamps.

- Cam clamps can be made with lumber yard maple, steel bar stock, and tension the plans from any number of sites, then find a woodworker or luthier near you with the tools to fab the for the time with your cleanup labor or some website work or whatever you can bring to the job

- Binding can be done with strapping tape

- Linings can be done with Martha Stewart brand spring cloths pins from K-Mart...wrap each with a #64 rubber band to increase tension...trim the tip off one side for better clean-up access.

About the only clamps I find essential are as follows:

2 - 4" x 12" Bessey Tradesman to clamp end blocks and fretboard at the heel (about $14 each)
4 - 2" x 4" Bessy Tradesman to clamp end blocks, fretboard, fretboard extension, headplate (about $5 each)
1 - Shop Fox bridge clamp to clamp the bridge (about $12 each)...two 6" cam clamps work about as well, and can be made for under $1 each)

Jul 24, 10 | 4:00 am

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