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First Build - help along the way
Kent Edwards

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I am embarking on my first build. I bought a serviced OM kit from LMII. I have made a mold and am starting cutting the sides to length and gluing in the end and heal blocks. Unfortunately, I am having a problem visualizing which is the top of the sides and which is the bottom. Maybe it makes no difference. I should note that the sides have been bent and shaped so that the end of the guitar is wider than the neck end.

If I have the sides in the mold and place it on a horizontal surface, the bench, I do not know how to tell if the edge on the sides that is resting on the bench is the top of the guitar or the bottom. If I turn the mold over, it looks the same to me. Is there really a difference and if so, how do I determine which should be the top and which should be the bottom?


Jul 19, 10 | 12:56 pm

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I would think that the back should be curved and the top still flat at this point. In other words the back should rock a bit on your bench. An email to lmi will let you know exactly how they profile the sides and what is left for you to do in the way of profiling - they've been helpful to me in the past.

Someone else here experienced with the serviced kits should be able to help as well. (my kit was unserviced)


Jul 19, 10 | 1:31 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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The sides from LMI are bent, but not sized. They should be the same width all along the length, which means either edge can be top, or bottom, your choice. They will also be too long, and you cut them to length. Then you flatten what will be the top, and the back edge gets contoured/tapered.


Jul 19, 10 | 2:40 pm
Kent Edwards

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I did talk to someone at LMI and was just as confused as when I started. It turns out that LMI did do some of the shaping of the sides for my serviced kit.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos by John Hall of Blues Creek Guitar about side bending. These were very helpful. Two ways to determine the bottom are:

1. Place the sides on edge on a flat surface. Place a straight edge at the waist. If the straight edge rocks, it this edge is shaped and thus the bottom. Doing this to the top edge of the sides will have little or no rocking.

2. Place the sides edge to edge. If they match well with little or no gaps, these are the top edges. If there are gaps at the neck and tail (?) end, ie. the waists are higher, these are the bottom edges.

This seems to be true. Now to cut the sides and glue in the heel and end blocks.

What fun.

Jul 19, 10 | 5:41 pm

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