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All Koa double build

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I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I have agreed to build two guitars by next summer. Doesn't sound too bad until you consider that my wife had a baby on July 3rd! And I have a three year old running amok here too.
Here is the best part, both guys want all koa guitars! However, one guy wants a dreadnought and the other guy wants a 000-OM!
I am looking forward to hearing the differences between the two guitars.
Should be pretty cool!


Jul 15, 10 | 7:08 pm
Kevin Sjostrand

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Sounds like alot of fun Tony, just remember, don't ignore your wife and kids too much, you are going to be busy with those builds.


Jul 15, 10 | 7:14 pm

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I kept a small jar of vaseline on the little counter just outside my shop..and I used to get eye rolling questions with nervous grins, "What's THAT for?"
I'd tell 'em..."The doorknob"!
WHAAT??? "I Said the DOORKNOB>I put it on the can't turn the doorknob to my shop! Hahahahahahaha..... not really, I couldn't resist it...
I always had kids in and out and's they LOVE this kind of stuff..and we have memories! :)
Your builds are great Tony, be looking forward to them!


Jul 15, 10 | 7:42 pm

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Don't sweat it Tony - you've got lots of time and those kids pretty much take care of themselves right? (ha ha - i've got boys 13, 7, 5, and 3 years old myself)

Jul 16, 10 | 4:46 am
Ken Hundley

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You can do it. Just don't try 5 at a time. Take good notes on each one, and it'll work out. I too am interested to hear the soudn differences between the two.

Dviss, you went the "extra mile" with #4. I have three boys, and it's good enough.

Jul 16, 10 | 10:02 am

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You guys are funny!
Kids dont take care of themselves, but if you put heavy objects on them, they can't get into any trouble while you build!!
I'll try to remember to take notes. I took a few on my first two, but I have a pretty good memory for what things look like so I "know" what those braces looked like.
Koa on the other hand, different animal. Dont know where to start with bracing.

Jul 16, 10 | 7:44 pm

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