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Sanding down the kerfed linings.

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Hi all
Great forum!
I am a first timer and attempting a Stew Mac dreadnought kit. I needing some clarity on how to get the angles on the kerfed linings. Stew Macs instructions say to attach 5 and 1.5 degree 8inch wedges to the top of a 24inch board and then stick sand paper to the other end and pivot the wedged end and sand to achieve the correct angles. Well I have cut the wedges and attached them to the board but they appear to be different dimensions from the ones illustrated in Stew Macs instruction manual. I am thinking I must have mssed something here. I am sure someone on this forum must have done this procedure using the same kit and wonder if you could tell me the dimensions of your 8 inch wedges i.e. the hieghts at their tallest and lowest over their 8 inch lengths.
many thanks Chris.

Jul 11, 10 | 10:13 pm

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Welcome to the forum Chris!

First, are you using a radius dish? If so, you can put sandpaper in the dish and use it to sand the radius into the rim/lining around the perimeter.

If you don't have a dish, you can draw and cut the radius you are using into a board and place sandpaper on that to sand the correct slope into the rim/lining.

Although I would want the correct radius sanded into the back (typically 15ft - 20ft are used), on the top you can use a completely flat rim if you want. It changes the tone give it an older, looser sound but some folks prefer this.

If you don't have it, I would recommend getting Bill Cory's manual for assembling a Stew-Mac kit. It shows ways to build a tool to sand the proper angle.

Good luck!

Jul 12, 10 | 8:54 am

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Thanks for that Adaboy. I'll go with Bills book,
Great help.
Cheers Chris

Jul 13, 10 | 12:25 pm

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