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Inlay Question

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I'm planning on inlaying an Abalam rosette and purfling on my next guitar, which I've never done. I've tried to study up on the technique but there seems to be no clear cut method of gluing it in.

One method I've seen would be to inlay the b/w/b strips with Teflon strips, remove the Teflon strips, spray vinyl lacquer onto the entire area, let it dry, apply CA glue to the Abalam channel, inlay the shell, then cover with CA to fill the gaps, sand/ scrape flush. I would like to stay away from CA glue as much as possible as my previous experiences with it were not very positive.

I recently toured the Martin factory and I asked how they stopped the glue from seeping into the wood and they stated that they use a wood glue to inlay the shell, which is a something I haven't heard yet.

What's your advice? Is the CA glue method pretty much it? or is there another method that I'm overlooking? I have a nice piece of Engelmann spruce and it would break my heart to irreversibly stain it with glue.

Jul 11, 10 | 3:16 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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The best way to inlay the rosette is as martin does. CA is not to be used on spruce. I use duco to set in the plastic and the poly strip. Then after that sets lift the poly and drop in pearl. You can use the curved or snap and break in the straight pieces. It really isn't that difficult.
I have a video on inlaying rim pearl. They will be available starting next week. I do it the same way Martin does and they use tite bond to hold the pearl. This does a good job , just remember to wipe across the pearl. I use a sharpened nail to maneuver the pearl if I have to.

John Hall
Blues Creek Guitars Inc.
Authorized CF Martin Repair Center

Jul 11, 10 | 4:33 pm

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Have a look at these videos. There are three of!v=-qSyNu0JLBI&feature=related

Jul 11, 10 | 7:32 pm

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Thanks, John. It's good to have that reassurance. Can't wait for the video.

nehsgolfer, Those you tube links were helpful too, although I can say that I'm not confident enough to trim down my purfling with a chisel. Wow.

Jul 13, 10 | 12:58 pm

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