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FREE !! alternative to Strobosoft PC based guitar tuner
Ken Cierp

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OK I own Peterson "Strobsoft" guitar/instrument PC based tuning software -- not cheap. I actually bragged on it a while back. I was about to transfer the program from my laptop to one of the shop desk tops and decided to "Google" software guitar tuners first. There's a ton of them! But this one:

Well, it's fabulous --- great for setting intonation. I really prefer it (a lot) over my "Strobosoft" -- it's totally customizable and you can't beat the price.

Ken Cierp

Kenneth Michael Guitars est. 1978

Jul 11, 10 | 1:22 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Downloading in progress

john hall

Jul 11, 10 | 4:00 pm

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