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Number 3

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I just got my newest partial KMG kit for my #3 today and I have to say, WOW!
I had a custom neck made by Ken for this kit and it is outstanding. The guitar will be walnut back and sides and so I asked Ken to make a walnut, maple blood wood laminated neck for me. Its a real knockout. See?

I wish I had more pics, but my camera is on the blink. I will post more when I get it up and running again. Evidently, its not wise to let your 3 year old take pictures with your good camera.
Anyway, I am standing here without socks on because this kit knocked them off.
Its actually a partial kit because I got a back and side set as a fathers day gift from my wife. So Ken sent me everything else needed to complete the guitar.
John Hall joined and thicknessed my back plate and bent the sides for me and did a great job as well. Well...thats all for today!


Jul 09, 10 | 7:57 pm

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nice neck tony, so are your bindings gonna be maple or bloodwood?


Jul 10, 10 | 5:28 pm

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Whoa!! I likes. Bold.

Jul 12, 10 | 6:15 pm

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