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Old Growth (400 - 500 yr old) Western Red Cedar

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I have the phone number of a guy 30 min away that has 15,000 bd ft of old growth western red cedar for sale. He claims the wood is from 400 - 500 year old trees. Supposedly the boards are 2 1/2" thick, 5" - 12" wide, and 18' long. All this cedar was rescued from Apple/Vinegar vats from Bentonville, AR.

I called him and left a msg as no one answered. He claims some guitars have been built from this wood that sound great........though he isn't marketing it as tone wood.

Be interesting to see what he has. Here is a pic of one of the apple vats the wood is from:

Jul 08, 10 | 3:57 pm

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I am worried any guitar I build from this wood might smell like a salad!!
Did he ever call you back?

Jul 09, 10 | 2:50 am

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He sent me an e-mail late last night and said he would call this morning.

Jul 09, 10 | 5:21 am

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I meant to mention that this cedar grew in northern California.

Jul 09, 10 | 5:34 am

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I just talked with the gentlement that owns the boards. Depending on the weather, I'll either meet with him tomorrow afternoon or Monday afternoon to look at the boards. He said most of it is flatsawn but there is some quartersawn boards as well. He said the wider boards are typically quartersawn. He also said the boards that were on the sides of the vat were rounded and were bandsawn flat which left them at 2 1/4" thickness adn 18ft long. The boards from the bottom of the vats were already flat so they are thicker.

He siad he took some of the boards to a luthier in Texas who sent some samples off for analysis (not sure who he sent them to). They said the boards were from northern California and were 400 - 500 yrs old. He said the grain is extremelly tight on these boards. Apparently the Texas luthier did build a few guitars using these boards and loved the sound.

Jul 09, 10 | 10:13 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Unless you get them at a good price , and I do like to recycle , this may not be as good a deal as you may think. This is not a rare wood and old trees are still being harvested. I would be concerned about the odor and what did the acidic environment do to the wood ?

John Hall
Blues Creek Guitars Inc
Authorized CF Martin Repair Center

Jul 09, 10 | 12:25 pm

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